Adventures At Home

Resources For Your Marriage To Thrive In Quarantine

At-Home Adventures

4 Days Of Encouragement And Stay-At-Home Adventures For Your Marriage

These are unique days we are living in. We hope that in the midst of the challenges, your marriage will find moments of connection - with your spouse, your kids, and the Lord. We hope this email series will guide you in the right direction, and we've included additional marriage resources below from our partners.

Daily Scripture Readings

Each day's reading is grounded in the truth of God’s Word, and it will take your relationship on a journey toward experiencing God more deeply and more fully together.

Conversation Starters

Along with each devotional, you will have the opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, and what God is teaching each of you. We'll help facilitate conversation by providing meaningful questions and conversation starters.

At-Home Adventure Ideas

To help bring what you're learning to life, we'll provide you with some ideas for micro-adventures that you can have without leaving the comfort of your home.

Get Your At-Home Adventures

Additional Marriage Resources

We're grateful to partner with leading experts in the marriage field each year for our Marriage Retreats. Below are some resources and content they have created that we believe you might find valuable in this season.

Online Workshops

WinShape Marriage has created two different online workshops designed to bring you closer to the Lord and closer to each other. These live events will take place on Wednesdays from June 24-July 29 at 8:00 PM EDT.

Date Nights In

Join Dr. Juli Slattery of Authentic Intimacy as she hosts four special “Date Nights In” and guides couples on growing closer together in spiritual intimacy. The cost is only $10.

Tips For Talking To Kids About Coronavirus

Check out this great article by Dr. Josh Straub on 4 tips for talking to your kids about coronavirus.

Conversation Cards For Couples And Parents

Use this fun, simple tool created by speakers Todd & Beverly Sandel to help your relationship recapture the closeness of deep conversation.

Communication In Marriage Video Series

Provided by Focus on the Family, one of our intensive partners, this free video series features speakers Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley as they discuss practical tools for improving communication in your relationship.

First Things First

Directed by Julie Baumgardner, friend of WinShape Marriage, First Things First offers content on marriage, self-care, and parenting specifically in light of the challenges created by COVID-19.

Find Deeper Connection In Your Relationship

WinShape Marriage facilitates marriage experiences year-round that lead you to deeper intimacy with your spouse and the Lord. Whether your marriage is in crisis, is healthy and you just want to invest into it, or you want to become a marriage champion, we're here to help.

Marriage Retreats

In every stage of marriage, you and your spouse can find a renewed opportunity to lean in and learn even more about growing together and strengthening your relationship. Our Marriage Retreats provide a place of serenity, where there’s space to be honest and intentional. Together, you’ll have experiences that stretch and strengthen your marriage, as you reaffirm your devotion to Christ and each other.

Marriage Intensives

As your marriage progresses, ongoing care and cultivation will help it thrive. Whether you’re in tune or feeling discord, Marriage Intensives encourage honesty that brings about healing and offers guided group experiences that pull you closer together. Licensed professional therapists lead you and your spouse to delve into your marriage dynamics, so you can find focus and build connection. Here you’ll find a deep well of emotional and spiritual support that helps you emerge stronger together.

Host Couples

There’s profound joy in helping others discover a moment of enrichment, or giving someone the courage to endure through hardship. Host Couples have the opportunity to minister to other couples and help cultivate transformation in their lives. You’ll receive in-depth training to facilitate Adventures or host Retreats, so you can lead by example as a catalyst for connection. Join our family of servant leaders who help couples strengthen their commitment to each other and to God.

Coming Spring 2021:
Marriage Adventure Kits

For over 10 years, WinShape Marriage has been facilitating transformative marriage adventures to bucket list destinations. Now, we're packaging those entire experiences into done-for-you Adventure Kits, shipped right to your door. These kits will take our proven, transformative process and combine it with a fully customizable adventure that you and a small group of other couples can experience anywhere in the world.