Marriage Adventures


Q: How do adventures strengthen marriages?

A: When husbands and wives adventure together with the purpose of strengthening their marriage and growing closer to God, they discover more intimacy, connection and growth.


Q: What makes an adventure unique?

A: WinShape Marriage adventures invite couples to let Jesus step into their world through an experience that might be unfamiliar, long-desired and sometimes outside of anything they ever thought they would do. The uniqueness of the host couple-led experience, strategic selection of adventure destinations and the Christ-centered programming enable this shared opportunity to breathe life, energy and connection into a marriage that’s already strong, fueling it to continue to grow and flourish. This can be transformative for a marriage, and couples often come away inspired to foster transformation in others.


Q: Who are the host couples that invite people to experience adventures?

A: Host couples have chosen to come alongside other couples in their sphere of influence and embark on an adventure through which marriages and relationships with Christ can grow. They apply to be a host couple, complete a training required by WinShape Marriage and are equipped with tools to host the adventuresLearn more about host couples here..


Q: What is experiential discipleship?

A: Experiential discipleship, as it relates to adventures, is the process of stepping into a challenge that moves couples one step closer to Jesus. When a couple experiences “disequilibrium” through an adventure experience and they overcome a significant challenge together, the result is more intimacy, connection and vulnerability. Through WinShape Marriage adventures, couples have the opportunity to face challenges together and grow closer to one another and to Christ.


Q: Why does WinShape Marriage host adventures?

A: We believe that adventure is one of the best catalysts for transformation, not only in a couple’s marriage, but also in their relationship with Christ. All throughout the gospels, Jesus calls the first disciples to leave everything, follow Him and multiply their faith in others. As followers of Christ, we are given the job to come alongside others and help them grow closer to Him. Through adventures, we are inviting people to grow closer to God, while also strengthening their marriage.


Q: Can anyone join an adventure?

A: WinShape Marriage is committed to a discipleship-based model for its adventures. To participate in a WinShape Marriage adventure, couples must be invited as a guest by a trained WinShape Marriage host couple or become a host couple themselves.