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Wednesdays at 8 PM EDT

Two Workshops, Two Opportunities To Connect

In light of the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, WinShape Marriage has cancelled or rescheduled all in-person Marriage Retreats through July 23, 2020.

In that we are unable to meet in person, it is our desire that you still have opportunities to make meaningful moments and connections with your spouse this summer. We’ve created two incredible live events with two unique focuses – one on connecting you and your spouse with the Lord, the other on connecting you with each other.

This workshop is offered to couples at no cost by WinShape Marriage. While WinShape Retreat is closed to guests, this is one way we can support your marriage this summer.

Invest In Your Marriage This Summer

Soul Care Workshop

Join friend of WinShape Marriage, Will Truesdell, for a one-hour guided session as he walks you through a passage of Scripture as well as times of prayer and discussion. The focus of this workshop is not on content, but rather on setting aside one hour to spend hearing from the Lord and having intentional discussions with your spouse. We believe that as your intimacy and joy in God increases, so does your intimacy and joy as a couple.

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Relationship Care Workshop

In this workshop, join with Chris Williams, MA, LMFT, as he takes you through his Empowered Life Process. In this 90-minute workshop, Chris will guide couples on a journey of moving from a place of powerless victimhood to life-giving creativity and impact. By understanding our individual points of view and backgrounds, we are better able to come together as spouses, and that is what this workshop is designed to do.

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WinShape Marriage Resumes Offerings July 23

Marriage Retreats

In every stage of marriage, you and your spouse can find a renewed opportunity to lean in and learn even more about growing together and strengthening your relationship. Our Marriage Retreats provide a place of serenity, where there’s space to be honest and intentional. Together, you’ll have experiences that stretch and strengthen your marriage, as you reaffirm your devotion to Christ and each other.

Marriage Intensives

As your marriage progresses, ongoing care and cultivation will help it thrive. Whether you’re in tune or feeling discord, Marriage Intensives encourage honesty that brings about healing and offers guided group experiences that pull you closer together. Licensed professional therapists lead you and your spouse to delve into your marriage dynamics, so you can find focus and build connection. Here you’ll find a deep well of emotional and spiritual support that helps you emerge stronger together.

Host Couple Trainings

There’s profound joy in helping others discover a moment of enrichment, or giving someone the courage to endure through hardship. Host Couples have the opportunity to minister to other couples and help cultivate transformation in their lives. You’ll receive in-depth training to facilitate Adventures or host Retreats, so you can lead by example as a catalyst for connection. Join our family of servant leaders who help couples strengthen their commitment to each other and to God.