Prepare to Last

A weekend pre-marital retreat for couples who are considering marriage, engaged, or recently married.

Pre-Marital Retreat Overview

Retreat Description

The Prepare to Last Pre-Marital Retreat is designed to help engaged couples and those considering engagement build a strong foundation for a successful Christian marriage.

What to Expect from Prepare to Last:

  • A chance to get out of the stress of wedding planning and remind yourself what it’s really all about
  • Engaging, entertaining teaching from Jeff & Debby McElroy on Marriage Expectations, Communication, Conflict Management/Resolution, Financial Management, Sex & Intimacy, and Goals & Dreams
  • Free access to a highly-respected assessment from Prepare-Enrich to give you a clear picture of your relational strengths and areas to grow together
  • A Couple’s Discussion Journal to guide meaningful conversation during and after the weekend
  • A romantic date night and incredible memories you’ll refer to for the rest of your marriage
  • The chance to form life-long friendships with other couples from all over the country who are also beginning their marriage journey


  • Couples who are not yet married will be given separate lodging rooms.
  • Prepare to Last is designed for couples who are considering engagement, engaged, or recently married within the last 6 months. Couples married longer than 6 months are encouraged to attend The First Five or The Naked Truth (for Newlyweds).

Retreat Cost
$340 per person (unmarried) or $620 per couple (married)

Includes lodging for two nights, meals, and programming

Upcoming Dates

Each retreat takes place from Friday evening through Sunday afternoon. Throughout the weekend, couples will experience large group teaching sessions, experiential learning activities, and free time to enjoy the campus together as a couple.

The Retreat Experience

Located at the beautiful WinShape Retreat campus in Rome, Georgia, we’re here to help you be focused and fully present with your significant other. Experience abundant hospitality, space to breathe, and intentional moments that will build a strong foundation for your marriage.

winshape retreat room


At Prepare to Last, unmarried couples will receive their own individual rooms. Free of distractions and located within refurbished, historic dairy barns, each room provides a respite from the hurries of everyday life.


Included in your registration, our meals are carefully selected and prepared by our on-staff chefs. Additional snacks and drinks are included throughout your stay.
marriage retreat


Alongside your Prepare to Last Retreat activities, you'll also have the chance to explore and experience both active and restful activities all throughout our 27,000 acre campus.

David & Kristi's Story

After an unexpected season of suffering, David and Kristi Platillero found hope and a strong foundation for their marriage through attending a Prepare to Last Pre-Marital Retreat.

“After Prepare to Last, I felt a lot more confident and at peace knowing that God created [marriage], and it’s meant to work.”

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“My favorite part of this weekend was how it pulled me out of my comfort zone and allowed [my fiancée and I] to discuss our feelings, expectations, and goals. It really shined a light on what I personally need to work on in order to put my spouse and my marriage first. Most importantly, it allowed us to grow closer to each other by putting God in the middle of our relationship.”

Zach E.

“Prepare to Last gave my fiancée and me the opportunity to dive deeper into what God has in store for us in marriage. The sessions helped us to unpack expectations, beliefs, and goals for our future while being surrounded by couples in a similar stage of life. I definitely enjoyed my time at WinShape and recommend Prepare to Last to anyone considering marriage.”

Robert P.

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