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Retreat Full!

Courageous Hearts

September 23 - September 25, 2022

WinShape Retreat - Rome, GA

Communication and Conflict Management
Retreat Full!

About the Retreat

Retreat Description

Miscommunication and conflict are inevitable in marriage, but they don’t have to regularly derail a couple’s relationship. Courageous Hearts teaches couples healthy communication practices as well as practical tools to walk through conflict together. With these tools in place, they’ll be able to move through their “stuckness” and into a more intimate, thriving marriage.

You will leave this weekend with:

  • A renewed understanding of God’s design for a healthy marriage
  • An understanding of the fears that trigger you and the coping mechanisms you lean on that draw you into the “Fear Dance”
  • A strategy to help you work through conflict
  • A plan to move forward in creating healthy rhythms of communication in your marriage

Retreat Cost
Includes lodging for two nights, meals, and programming

Retreat Speakers

Jay & Julie Baumgardner

For 23 years, Julie Baumgardner was part of the FirstThings First leadership team, serving 19 of those years as the president and CEO. In January 2021, Julie took on a new role as the Senior Director of WinShape Marriage.

During her tenure at First Things First, the award-winning nonprofit dedicated to strengthening families in Chattanooga, Tennessee, generated model duplication efforts nationwide and garnered international attention for its outstanding leadership in family, marriage and parenting issues. As a passionate advocate for helping people have healthy relationships, Julie reached hundreds of thousands each week through her Chattanooga Times Free Press column and as host of JulieB TV, a YouTube-based talk show that focuses on all things relational.

For more than 30 years, Julie has provided valuable leadership for Hamilton County and Tennessee state initiatives for parental involvement, gang violence prevention, and early childhood and character education. Because of Julie’s marriage and family expertise, she is broadly utilized as a consultant by communities and agencies, and is a sought-after speaker and retreat leader. Julie’s tireless efforts have been recognized across the globe.

Julie and her husband, Jay, have been married since 1989. They are the proud parents of a daughter, Ashley. In her free time, Julie enjoys gardening, horseback riding, cooking, working with children, mentoring couples and baking.

The Retreat Experience

We’re here to help you be focused and fully present with your spouse. Experience abundant hospitality, space to breathe, and intentional moments that strengthen your marriage.

winshape retreat room


These rooms were designed with connection in mind. Free of distractions and located within refurbished, historic dairy barns, each room is as unique as the couple staying in it.


Included in your registration, our meals are carefully selected and prepared by our on-staff chefs. Additional snacks and drinks are included throughout your stay.
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Alongside your Marriage Retreat activities, you'll also have the chance to explore and experience both active and restful activities all throughout our 27,000 acre campus.
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