wholehearted marriage

Wholehearted Marriage

October 15-17, 2021

WinShape Retreat

Wholehearted Marriage
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About the Retreat

Retreat Description

Circumstances, such as busy lifestyles, differences between spouses, personal baggage, the loss of a loved one, childhood trauma, etc., trigger reactions that condition us to close up our hearts for protection, blocking the flow of love. As a result, couples drift apart, trying to find some version of contentment, or they give up altogether and look for love somewhere else.

In this retreat, you’ll learn the right definition of true love is and God’s design for it. You’ll learn that love is more than just a feeling, and that to have true, lasting intimacy, couples need to learn to love wholeheartedly.

Retreat Cost
Includes lodging for two nights, meals, and programming

Retreat Speakers: Shawn and Christina Stoever

Shawn and Christina are a fun couple who love to laugh and tell stories. They are transparent, experienced, and encouraging…making it easy for genuine connection with audiences. Shawn’s studies ended in a doctoral degree in Counseling Psychology specialized in marriage and family therapy. Professionally, Shawn has pioneered work in marriage crisis intervention, marriage enrichment adventures, and family business consulting.

Shawn has served and led in some amazing families and organizations… from the Cathy Family of Chick-fil-A to the Gary Smalley Relationship Center to his current home church. Shawn is co-author of two books: “The Wholehearted Marriage” and “Five Days to a New Marriage.”

Despite extensive schooling, Shawn really did not know anything about relationships until he met his wife. Christina has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. She speaks and leads retreats as an adjunct faculty member of WinShape Marriage. Although skilled as an interior designer, Christina is most at home in her role as mom to five wonderful children – Taylor, Cade, Avery (with the Lord), Cody, and Colt. Shawn and Christina are passionate about their relationship with God and eager to share how you can experience fulfillment and joy in life.

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The Retreat Experience

We’re here to help you be focused and fully present with your spouse. Experience abundant hospitality, space to breathe, and intentional moments that strengthen your marriage.

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