Strongest Us

Learn ways to improve communication, overcome conflicts and develop a plan for working toward your dreams together.

New for 2019, Strongest Us helps couples take their marriage from good to great by providing them tools to improve communication, effectively overcome conflicts and develop a plan for working toward their dreams together. Led by Mike Foster, Strongest Us will demonstrate the power of practicing authentic communication, gratitude and self-care by giving couples a shared tool kit of new ideas so they can better understand their unique interpersonal dynamics and strengths.

The weekend retreat is co-hosted by Mike’s wife, Jennifer, and is designed to offer deeper insights into the importance of emotional fitness, empowering husbands and wives to grow stronger in their relationship. Mike and Jennifer have co-written a book, “Five Dates,” and are in the process of launching “Extraordinary Couples,” a marriage enrichment course. Mike is a best-selling author of “You Rise Glorious” and hosts the highly acclaimed “Fun Therapy” podcast. He helps individuals build self-compassion, confidence and unstoppable stories of hope.

$620 per couple – includes lodging for two nights, meals and programming

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