A Week at Sea, a Lifetime of Perspective

For Ryan and Rachel, having two young kids doesn’t leave much time for themselves.

Deciding to find that time and reconnect came with a WinShape Marriage Adventure, and the experience “exceeded what [their] imagination could create.”

For eight days and seven nights, the couple stepped away from day-to-day life to sail the British Virgin Islands*. With every logistic covered and element of stress taken away by WinShape Marriage, the couple suddenly found themselves emotionally free to be present.

“Being in a place of such exquisite beauty allows for conversations and thoughts and time that you don’t get everyday,” Rachel said.

And that’s the whole point of these adventures, according to Matt Turvey, Senior Director of WinShape Marriage. “Marriage adventures…provide a safe place where you can talk, you can share your hearts, you can dream about the future and say, ‘I want a bigger, grander vision for our marriage.’”

For Ryan, being able to totally unplug from everyday responsibilities allowed him gain perspective with freedom. “I’m blown away at the thought that WinShape Marriage would want to invest in our marriage,” he says. “It’s humbling to experience this.”

Maybe you’re wondering how you and your spouse can have this same experience.

WinShape Marriage Adventures are facilitated by host couples who have been trained to identify and lead other couples they know on the adventures.

Are you and your spouse interested in being a host couple?

We offer comprehensive training for couples interested in joining WinShape Marriage as hosts, where they’ll get to lead small groups of couples on an adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy time away with your spouse as you offer grace-based hospitality, lead programming, and share a journey of adventure that will change lives and enliven marriages.

For more information on how to apply, click here, scroll to the bottom of the page and submit your email address. We’ll be in touch!