November 6, 2020

Becoming Famous At Home: November 6-8, 2020


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Whether we realize it or not, our marriage is in a fish bowl. Especially if you lead, people are watching. Sometimes, the pressure to perform on our respective stage can cause us to hide from the painful parts of our marriage—pretending things are good, when they’re really not. Unfortunately, if we’re not paying attention, the fear of judgment, shame from past trauma, the chaos of kids, or even the pressure of busyness can divide our marriage. And when things aren’t going well at home, one of the places for solace is to our stage. But this is a recipe for brokenness, because the single greatest predictor of divorce is emotional disconnection. It’s a subtle fade that, if we’re not nurturing our spouse’s heart well, can lead to massive brokenness within in the home.

Led by Dr. Josh and Christi Straub, this retreat is focused on helping you become famous at home so you can thrive on your respective stage. But this begins by being emotionally safe with your spouse. During the weekend, you’ll learn:

  • How to become teammates with your spouse
  • What emotional safety is
  • The barriers to emotional safety
  • Everyday ways to be more emotionally safe in your marriage
  • How to respond empathetically to your spouse’s relational triggers
  • To implement practical ways to stay close when physically apart (deployment, business travel, etc.)
  • Develop a plan for influencing the culture around you, not being dictated by it


$620 per couple – includes lodging for two nights, meals, and programming


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