September 22, 2019

Prodigal Love
: September 22 – 27, 2019


Prodigal Love is a new personal growth intensive designed for individuals to explore what is blocking their relationships with their spouse, God, and others.



Prodigal Love highlights God’s grace, unconditional love and forgiveness, while guiding individuals forward with a plan to live empowered and connected to others in a healthy way. Prodigal Love is designed to give individuals the space and freedom to reconnect with the truest version of themselves. It offers a renewed perspective of life’s challenges and fosters confidence in moving forward toward healing, repair and growth.

The five-day journey will help restore beauty among the brokenness of past hurts and encourage participants to come home to the peace and strength found in a closer connection with God and those they love.

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What's Prodigal Love

Hosted in the beautiful, sequestered setting of WinShape Retreat, perched atop 27,000 acres in Rome, Georgia, Prodigal Love is facilitated by Bill Lokey, MA, LSPE, CTT, CET-II. Bill is the senior clinical director at Onsite and has worked with countless individuals struggling with the effects of trauma, addictions, depression, anxiety, grief and loss. He brings a team of Onsite’s mental health professionals to WinShape Retreat to lead Prodigal Love and help participants regain passion and motivation in life.

The experience is grounded in an experiential group therapy process that fosters change through action, helping individuals learn more about themselves and how their wounds can be met through the tenacious love of Jesus. Prodigal Love will help participants confidently express feelings, identify patterns of self-sabotage and work toward repairing what might be blocking intimacy in their relationship with their spouse, God, others and themselves.

For most of us, when we’ve experienced things anywhere from really painful wounds in our life to just the things that seem to happen over and over again, most of us get cautious. Most of us have learned how to protect our hearts…When we go into the world and into relationships with our hearts protected it doesn’t really allow us to show up in the way we want to be showing up.  We often wind up later wondering why we couldn’t say what we meant to say or be the way we meant to be, and why we had to have a wall up… This program can help you learn how to drop that wall and show up with your real heart.” – Bill Lokey

The concept of overwhelming grace runs throughout Prodigal Love, empowering individuals to be their truest selves and to move toward a healthy future. The experience is led by highly trained professionals who specialize in group counseling. WinShape Retreat’s private, sequestered setting ensures guests can feel safe and comfortable.

The word “prodigal” means very extravagant or wastefully generous. Through Prodigal Love, you can experience the unimaginable, extravagant love that God pours out on us in the midst of our deepest pain and darkest secrets.



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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How much does the Prodigal Love retreat cost?

A: $1,950 – includes programming and lodging and meals for five nights.

Q: How can this individual experience really help my marriage?

A: Two healthy people make a healthy marriage. With a healthy mindset individually, couples can be more fully engaged with one another.

Q: Can I attend Prodigal Love if I’m single or divorced?

A: Absolutely. This experience can help individuals prepare for healthy relationships or a marriage in the future. You don’t have to be married to experience the benefits of Prodigal Love.

Q: What are the benefits of group counseling?

A: Through a group therapy process, you recognize you’re not alone in your struggles, and sometimes it’s nice to know and see how other people are moving through similar struggles. When you’re in a group, you can actually see things you may be struggling with play out in someone else’s story and it can be impactful to your own story.

Q: What about privacy?

A: Everything is treated in a confidential manner. We create a safe place where you are free to be who you are and figure out what is holding you back from what God has created you to be. You can share as much as you want. Your privacy is protected by a team who reviews the applications and works to ensure that individuals can feel safe to share within their groups. The team does their best to avoid having people who know each other in the same group.

Q: What can I expect to come away with from this program?

A: You can expect to find welcoming staff who can help you work through some of the challenges that are keeping you from moving forward. You will have the opportunity to dive into issues that a part of how you become the person you are today. The program is designed so that you will come away knowing more about yourself, with deeper insights into who you are and how you approach life and relationships with momentum in becoming healthier in those relationships.

Q: Even though Prodigal Love is an individual program, can I attend with my spouse? If so, will we be in a group together or in a room together?

A: We discourage couples coming together. It’s best experienced individually apart from your spouse. Prodigal Love is designed to create a clarity of focus in what the Lord might do in your own life individually and your relationship with others. For couples who want to work together, we have intensives.

Q: Are phones/electronics permitted?

A: Prodigal Love is designed so guests can completely unplug and focus on their experience. Guests will have access to their cell phones on the day they arrive at the program, and the day they leave. Guests are not allowed to use cell phones, laptops or other electronic/internet-based equipment during the program. Access is provided, however, in the case of emergency and a phone number will be offered to guests to share with family members prior to their attending Prodigal Love.


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