Tools to Help You Serve Other Couples

Host Couple Resources

This page is constantly being updated with new resources and recommendations. Be sure to check back soon for more ideas, adventures, and tools for you to use as you create moments of connection for couples.

New Resource from WinShape Marriage

A Guide to Using Lanterns

This guide will help you use paper lanterns to create a meaningful experience for couples.

Tools for the Journey

As we shared at Host Couple Training, our goal was to equip you to be able to send you out to your church and community for the sake of healthy marriages and relationships. Throughout this page, you’ll find a growing list of resources that will help you be a catalyst for connection in your sphere of influence.

Book Recommendations

We’ve assembled some of our favorite marriage, family, and relationship books that can be read either as a couple or in a small group.

Host Couple Trainings

Know a couple that would make great candidates to attend a Host Couple Training?
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August 27 - 29, 2021

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