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WinShape Retreat - Rome, Georgia

The Journey

A weeklong therapeutic marriage experience with licensed professional counselors to help you and your spouse navigate seasons of difficulty or transition

Experience Description

Throughout a marriage, various circumstances can strain even the healthiest of marriages. Encountering a season of grief and loss, undergoing life-changing events like a career change or move, battling financial struggles, walking through illness, caring for aging parents, and more will impact a marriage. If you and your spouse are experiencing a season of “stuckness,” consider attending The Journey—a five-day therapeutic marriage experience. Throughout the week, you’ll be immersed in a Christ-centered environment where you’ll participate in small group sessions with licensed professional therapists and engage in experiential activities, play, and date nights. You’ll be equipped with tools to help you move beyond “stuckness” during the week and into a more intimate, thriving marriage. 

This Experience Is For:

  • Spouses who are committed to each other and to growing together 
  • Couples who feel “stuck”—having trouble resolving conflict, unable to repair and reconnect, unable to make decisions, etc. 
  • Couples experiencing a circumstance that is resulting in “stuckness” including, but not limited to: 
    • Becoming new parents—welcoming a newborn, a foster child, or adopting—and experiencing exhaustion and fatigue 
    • Raising teenagers 
    • Transitioning to the empty nest phase of marriage 
    • Encountering a season of grief and loss 
    • Undergoing life-changing events like a career change or move 
    • Battling financial struggles 
    • Walking through illness or a diagnosis 
    • Caring for aging parents 
    • Experiencing major life transitions or milestones 

This Experience Is Not For:

  • Spouses considering hiring an attorney or actively discussing divorce
  • Marriages where physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse is present 
  • Marriages where addiction is present 
  • Marriages where there has been a recent disclosure of an affair (six months or less)

Key Takeaways From The Journey

  • Space to process difficult marriage seasons 
  • Tools to create safety within your marriage 
  • Hands-on learning opportunities to help you grow in your relationship and increase marital satisfaction 
  • Keys to understanding how to have fun again and experience joy in your marriage despite trials 
  • Clarity around how to have hard conversations and move past being stalled 

Experience Cost 

$2,750 per couple (all applicable taxes included)

Includes lodging for four nights, meals, and therapy
Email for scholarship requests.

Your Experience Registration Includes:

  • Biblically-based and research-informed marriage therapy in a group context designed to move your relationship forward during the week and beyond
  • Comfortable accommodations featuring a private room with a king-size bed and a private bathroom with a shower and dual sink vanity  
  • Fresh meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, coffee, and desserts curated by our world-class dining team 
  • Access to the beautiful Berry College campus, dotted by 27,000 acres of peaceful pastures, tree-lined trails, wildlife, and a tranquil lake 
  • Serene spaces to truly unplug and connect with your spouse 


Where are you located?

WinShape Retreat is located on the campus of Berry College in Rome, GA, approximately 1.5 hours northwest of Atlanta, GA. 

What do we need to bring?

The dress for your experience will be very casual. Please bring comfortable clothing for the entire week. We recommend at least one pair of pants, a light jacket, and layers in case of colder weather, rain, etc. To participate in some recreational activities, closed-toe/closed-heel shoes (preferably athletic shoes) are required. Bring all personal toiletries, including any medicines you’re currently taking. You may want to bring a Bible, small book bag, and water bottle. You will not need any money during your stay as lodging, meals, snacks, and programming are included in your registration fee. 

What does the schedule look like, and will we have free time?

You’ll receive a detailed schedule of the week upon arrival. Throughout your time, you can expect breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You’ll participate in small group sessions with two licensed professional therapists and four couples (including yourselves). Additionally, you’ll engage in experiential and play-based activities, including a special date night. Throughout the week, there will be free time, where you’re welcome to explore the beautiful campus on one of the many walking or biking trails. We also have a variety of other activities and games available. 

What is your reservation policy?

The full amount of the event will be charged to your credit card at the time of the reservation. Due to the nature of the experience, cancellations and transfers are not possible.

Is financial aid available?

We offer scholarships to couples who are unable to attend The Journey due to financial reasons. To apply for a scholarship, complete this form.

Is this experience always in a group context?

All therapy conducted during The Journey happens in a group context with two licensed professional therapists (one male, one female) and four couples (including yourselves). There are no individual therapy sessions during the week.

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