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How To Keep Your In-Laws From Becoming Out-Laws

March 27, 2024
Marriage Enrichment

Rob Philo and Julie Baumgardner break down the controversial topic—in-laws. Spoiler—in-laws aren’t monsters! But navigating relationships with them can be challenging for couples of all ages. In this conversation, Rob and Julie discuss three common scenarios couples may face with their in-laws, providing several strategies along the way for how you and your spouse can wade these waters in the most Christ honoring way for one another and each of your parents. Julie reminds us all that becoming one with your spouse and forming the foundation for your unique family dynamic is honoring you and honoring your parents. It’s possible to have respectful, successful, and life-giving relationships with your in-laws!

Time Stamps:

(1:05) Scenario one—how to deal with unsolicited advice from in-laws

(5:00) When you think a conversation needs to be had with your in-laws, but your spouse doesn’t

(9:52) Boundaries in the context of relationships with in-laws

(13:45) Scenario two—balancing time between two sets of in-laws

(17:50) Scenario three—when you married into a family and you don’t feel like you’re a part of the family


“Reluctantly Related,” Deanna Brand 

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