Marriage Intensives

Helping Couples Find Lasting Solutions

This is a time to really dig beneath the surface and uncover the dynamics that interfere with having a happy, healthy relationship. Designed to take marriages to the next level, the Intensive experience can help hurting couples heal by providing tools that allow them to break free from the cycle of damaging patterns, as well as addressing issues that impede their growth. Intensives can make healthy marriages healthier and rescue marriages in crisis.

In this four-day experience, couples participate in small-group counseling that can lead to exposing the root causes of serious marital struggles.

Therapists guide you through experiences that will help lead to a renewal of your marriage and a healthier you. Our goal is to help struggling couples find lasting solutions through renewed emotional connections, rediscovered intimacy, and genuine healing, both individually and as a couple. We pledge confidentiality, commitment and safety to those who join us on this road back to marital health.

What can you expect from an intensive experience?

WinShape Marriage Director Dr. Matt Turvey explains what couples can expect to experience at an intensive hosted at WinShape Retreat.

Next Steps

Intensives are held nearly every week at The Normandy Inn. WinShape Marriage partners with three ministries to register couples and guide them through this experience. Each partner ministry offers a unique approach, so contact the organizations below to determine which is the best fit for your marriage.

Focus on the Family’s Hope Restored | 866.875.2915

Center for Relational Care | 877.567.5656, ext 206

The Hideaway Experience | 806.290.0055

Intensive couples share their stories...

Nick & Brooke's Story

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Upcoming Dates

Dec 1 - Dec 6, 2019

The Hideaway Experience Intensive

hosted by WinShape Retreat



Dec 8 - Dec 12, 2019

Center for Relational Care Intensive

hosted by WinShape Retreat


877.567.5656, ext 206

Dec 15 - Dec 20, 2019

Focus on the Family - Hope Restored Intensive

hosted by WinShape Retreat



Hear the story of a couple who experienced one of our Intensives.

Interested in an intensive for individuals?

Learn more about Prodigal Love, a new personal growth intensive!


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