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Young married couple choosing to partake in a unique date idea by making homemade pizza together

15 Unique Date Ideas for Couples

February 15, 2023
Marriage Enrichment

15 Unique Dates You Probably Haven’t Considered

Are you and your spouse looking for unique date ideas? We’ve got you covered! As a reminder, we have tons of date ideas on our Resources page perfect for different seasons and holidays like winter date ideas, spring date ideas, summer date ideas, and fall date ideas, so don’t miss those. On the other hand, this list is a great compilation of random ideas that aren’t the same old, same old and can be done any time of year, so if you’re stuck in a dating rut, we don’t think you will be much longer. Pick something from this list to switch it up on your next date night! 

1. Enjoy Fondue 

Fondue is certainly a unique idea for an at-home dinner or dessert date. Look up an online recipe for fondue, pick up your favorite cheese and chocolate, and gather a variety of creative foods to dip. A few ideas—apples, bread, cauliflower, and carrots are great for dipping in cheese and strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, and pecans are perfect for chocolate. 

Young married couple choosing to partake in a unique date idea by making homemade chocolate fondue.

2. Create a Bucket List 

Sure, you have a running list in your head of all the “things” you and your spouse want to do! But, have you sat down and written it out? Create a bucket list together, and make it more permanent by writing it down and pinning it up in your bedroom, office, or on the fridge. Then, get started checking things off. Whether you start with smaller, more achievable goals for this season of marriage like running a race, or you put your wildest dreams on your bucket list such as tent camping in a new state, make it your own. 

3. Recreate Your First Date 

It’s one thing to reminisce on a fond memory—it’s another to recreate it. Think back to your first date, and recreate it to the best of your ability. Do you remember what you were wearing, and can you wear something similar? Go back to the restaurant you ate at, or eat a similar meal. Did you meet up, or did one of you pick the other up? How close can you get to mimicking the details of that special afternoon or evening? 

4. Share a Bubble Bath 

Take the romance up a notch, by drawing up a hot bubble bath for your spouse. Then, get in together, and sit back and relax. You don’t have to necessarily spend time talking—maybe, you never sit still, so use this time to rest together while you play relaxing music in the background.  

5. Cuddle 

Before you skip over this date because you cuddle all the time, hear us out. Be intentional about this time of cuddling. Create a “Cuddle Kit” for you and your spouse. Fill it with cozy slippers, a warm blanket, soft pajamas, hot tea or cocoa, face masks, etc. Then, settle in for a night of using all the cuddliest things to have a cuddle date with your spouse. 

Young married couple choosing to partake in a unique date idea by planning out a specific

6. Set up a Waffle or Pancake Bar 

Get ready to indulge in a sweet meal with your sweetie. Whip up a batch of waffles or pancakes. Then, set up a toppings bar with all the good stuff—chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, bananas, peanut butter, powdered sugar, syrup, and jam. Try different combinations, and see whose waffle or pancake tastes the best. 

7. Light Candles 

Sometimes, a change in scenery or ambience will do the trick. This date is all about the setting. Whether you set up in your living room or bedroom, turn off the lights. Set up a mixture of candles—real and fake, scented and unscented, small and tall—and flowers. We bet you typically don’t hang out by candlelight. Try it…you might like it. 

8. Give Each Other Massages 

See above for number seven which could easily set the stage for this at home spa day. Dim the lights, play instrumental music, and take turns giving each other massages. Set the scene for your spouse to make this date special—this isn’t a quick five-minute shoulder rub while you’re watching television—spend a longer period connecting with your spouse via physical touch. 

9. Cook a Themed Dinner 

Have a dinner date in, and create a delicious meal based on a theme. What’s your favorite vacation you’ve been on? Paris—create Parisian themed courses. Or, what’s your favorite music to listen to? What meal would you serve as a nod to a specific genre, song, or artist?  

10. Have a “Color” Date 

For this date, choose a color. Then, wear that color, eat foods that are that color, and do things that involve that color. For example, if you choose red, dress in red colored clothing. Then, find a farm where you can pick strawberries. After, enjoy strawberry ice cream or gelato. For dinner, head to your favorite Italian restaurant for spaghetti and meatballs with red marinara sauce. 

Young married couple choosing to partake in a unique date idea by planning out a

11. Make Your Own Sushi 

This might take some extra planning and effort, but if you and your spouse are sushi lovers, try your hand at making your own for a change! Look up the best place near you to get fresh sushi grade fish. Pick up additional necessary ingredients and see how well you do at rolling your own sushi rolls at home. Good news—you’re not being judged on presentation. 

12. Have a “Favorite” Things Day 

This idea can be two dates—one date designated to each spouse—or you can have a full day date and designate one spouse for the first half of the day and the other for the second half. On a “favorite” things day, when it’s your turn, choose your favorite things for you and your spouse to do. Maybe, you choose your favorite breakfast restaurant to eat at and then your favorite trail to hike. When it’s your spouse’s turn, they may choose their favorite coffee shop to get a drink at and then their favorite movie to watch. Either way—no debating with the other when they’re in charge of selecting their favorite things! 

13. Create a Time Capsule 

Each season of marriage is special for different reasons. Have you thought about creating a time capsule to capture this time in you and your spouse’s life? Spend an afternoon filling a box with special items that represent this period in your marriage. Close it, and put a note to open it five or 10 years from now. How special will it be to reminisce together in the future! 

14. Do a Random Act of Kindness 

As you and your spouse go about your day, incorporate one or a few random acts of kindness. Pay for the person in line behind you. Buy a bouquet of flowers to give to someone while you’re grocery shopping. Put away the stray carts at the store. Offer a complement. Do something nice for someone else, and do it together! 

15. Eat Junk Food 

Get in the car, and head to the nearest gas station or grocery store. Then, load up as if you were going on a road trip. Each of you pick your three favorite “junk” foods. After, indulge in them in the car while you chat and listen to music. Or, head home and turn on your favorite bingeworthy show. Good news—you’ll have plenty of snacks! 

It’s time to step outside of your comfort zone. Do something new with your spouse off this list of unique date ideas, and tag us in your photos @winshapemarriage. We can’t wait to see your cool dates!

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