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Sometimes the pace of life can cause couples to lose sight of what brought them together in the first place. A healthy marriage requires the nurture of an ever-deepening bond as you navigate life’s inevitable challenges. Whether you’re about to embark on the lifelong journey of marriage or you are a seasoned couple looking to strengthen your relationship, we connect you with opportunities to grow together.

Featured Marriage Retreats

A Lifelong Love | May 1-3

Marriage has the potential to usher a couple into a deeper intimacy with God, as well as a deeper intimacy individually and with each other. “A Lifelong Love” highlights ways couples can grow in their understanding and expression of love as they explore the connection between marital intimacy and spiritual purpose. Author and marriage expert Gary Thomas will lead couples in understanding how individual growth is related to couple “closeness” as he illustrates ways to become more emotionally, physically and spiritually connected.

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Follow Your Heart | June 26-28

During this self-directed retreat, you can slip away as a couple to share a private respite at The Normandy Inn, our flagship marriage facility at WinShape Retreat. Enjoy the opportunity to sleep in and grab a continental breakfast, schedule a private picnic and enjoy a romantic dinner. Upon arrival, you will receive a devotional notebook containing biblical principles for marriage and the endless possibilities in such a tranquil setting. Enjoy quiet walks or get away on the bikes that are provided for you during your retreat. All the beauty and hospitality of The Normandy Inn is yours to enjoy.

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Marriage Retreats at a Glance

A Lifelong Love

Explore the connection between marital intimacy and spiritual purpose.

Amor del Bueno

Reciba orientación matrimonial sobre cómo plantar semillas de pasión e intimidad en su relación, establezca una visión para el futuro y disfrute de la verdadera amistad en el matrimonio.

Becoming Famous At Home

Learn how to break down the barriers that may exist in your home and find emotional security with your spouse.

Courageous Hearts

Restore communication and rekindle affection with your spouse.

Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage

Couples will explore creative ways to navigate the twists and turns of their marital journeys, while actively getting to know their spouses more intimately and passionately.

Deeply Rooted

Revisit the mystery of marriage as it was originally portrayed in Scripture and explore how to have a Christ-centered marriage in the 21st century.

Follow Your Heart

Escape with your spouse and enjoy a weekend designed for rest and relaxation.

God, Sex and Your Marriage

Learn more about why sex is so important to marriage, as well as how to practically address roadblocks to intimacy.

Missionary R&R

Designed to give missionaries and their spouses space for refreshment, renewal and restoration.

Navigating The Seas Of Marriage

Find ways to keep your relationship strong through all the seasons of marriage.

Passionate Intimacy

Learn to develop a greater degree of spiritual, emotional and physical intimacy with your spouse.

Pastor’s R&R

Designed to give pastors and their spouses space for refreshment, renewal and restoration.

Prepare to Last

This weekend helps couples considering marriage build a strong foundation for their lives together.

Refocus and Rekindle

Empty-nesters and couples going through a new stage in life are introduced to tools that will empower them to freely and safely discuss plans for the seasons ahead together.

Romantic Adventure

Leave the day-to-day behind and embark on a romantic adventure.

What's in a WinShape Marriage Retreat? Follow these couples' journeys as they experience one for the very first time.
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Make space for each other

Your experience with WinShape Marriage will be both challenging and fun.

Some moments are reserved for quiet reflection as a couple, while others are filled with practical teaching. No matter what brought you here, each program is designed to provide a holistic experience that will bring you and your spouse closer together through adventure, learning and the simple comfort of enjoying one another.

Intensives for Couples

Any marriage can find itself facing difficult – even critical – challenges. WinShape Marriage Intensives are four-day counseling experiences designed to offer renewed hope and improved skills to those couples desiring to heal and restore their marriage.

Build Your Custom Retreat Experience

We know there are a wide range of factors that contribute to a healthy marriage. Our desire is to customize a program that will best fit you or your group’s needs. Talk with us about customizing your marriage retreat.

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