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Busting 7 of the Biggest Marriage Myths

March 20, 2024
Marriage Enrichment

The WinShape Marriage Podcast tackles the big questions and everyday challenges couples face in marriage, anchored in biblical truth and research, and it’s hosted by Marlee Arnold and Rob Philo. In episode one, Julie Baumgardner, senior director of WinShape Marriage, busts seven dangerous marriage myths like “Marriage is 50/50,” and “Married sex is boring.” The statements addressed are common sentiments couples read or are told, but the truth is, they are marriage myths, and dangerous ones at that. Don’t fall for them—instead, learn how to debunk them!

Time Stamps:

(1:23) If you marry the “right” person, you will always feel in love.

(3:18) Marriage is 50/50.

(7:28) Your spouse completes you—they should fulfill all your needs.

(11:30) If your spouse really loves you, they will know what you want and need.

(14:50) Happy couples do everything together.

(18:13) Married sex is boring.

(22:00) There is a universal path in marriage like having children.


“Hot Monogamy,” Patricia Love and Jo Robinson 

“God, Sex, and Your Marriage,” Juli Slattery 

Authentic Intimacy Website

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