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An Empty Nester’s Important Advice for Parents

May 8, 2024

Is it possible to thrive in your role as husband and wife and mom and dad?! We think so! It won’t come without its challenges, but choosing to prioritize your marriage will only benefit your kids. Whether you’re currently navigating the parenting season of life or you hope to be a parent one day, this episode will encourage you and your spouse to step into your roles as mom and dad, establish a strong foundation for your children, and navigate times when you’re trying to make decisions and you can’t agree. Be encouraged by Julie Baumgardner, who is on the other side of this journey and has great insight and wisdom to share.

Time Stamps:

(0:49) When you and your spouse have different ideas when it comes to parenting your children 

(4:31) How to have conversations about parenting your children 

(8:10) Navigating parenting conversations when there is tension between you and your spouse 

(13:55) Is it OK to have conflict in front of your children? 

(16:48) What are some ways to disciple your children? 

(25:25) Thrive in your roles as mom and dad


“Visionary Parenting,” Rob and Amy Reinow

“How To Help Your Child Clean up Their Mental Mess,” Caroline Leaf

“Grace Based Parenting,” Tim Kimmel

“Parenting,” Paul David Tripp

“The 5 Love Languages of Children,” Gary Chapman

“Boundaries With Kids,” Henry Cloud and John Townsend

“Parent Differently,” Kathy Koch

“Habits of the Household,” Justin Whitmel Earley

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