WinShape Marriage Host Couples

At WinShape Marriage, we’re committed to caring for our host couples and ensuring that their relationships with their spouse and with the Lord are strong. We’re also committed to equipping and empowering couples to leverage a retreat or adventure experience to enrich other marriages. It is our vision for host couples to facilitate transformation.

Host couples exist to facilitate transformation ONE marriage at a time.

Facilitation is the art of coming alongside another couple and breaking down barriers that stand in the way of them experiencing transformation in their marriage or relationship with the Lord.

Transformation occurs when a couple shares a common experience that leads to pivotal change.

How do host couples leverage adventure to facilitate transformation in other couples’ lives?

WinShape Marriage believes this happens when five specific elements of transformation are presented, all working together in perfect harmony throughout the length of the adventure experience.

Five Elements of Transformation

  1. Sequestered Setting. In a sequestered setting, couples have the opportunity to unplug and unwind from the busyness of life, focusing solely on their relationship with their spouse and with the Lord.
  2. Elements of Worship. We incorporate elements of worship into all facets of our retreats and adventures, encouraging couples to fix their eyes on Jesus to be transformed into more of His likeness. We strive to help couples see that all of life is an act of worship.
  3. Bible-based Teaching. Our Bible-based curriculum teaches couples how to journey together toward a more satisfying marriage. When we meditate on God’s Word, our minds are transformed to think more like the Father, and our hearts become more inclined to delight in Him.
  4. Experiential Learning. When couples participate in activities and adventures together, they are inherently stretched and grown in ways that can’t be initiated by their normal routine. Experiences often lead couples to work through a hurt, develop a deeper level of trust, or simply be challenged to take their marriage to the next level.
  5. Grace-based Hospitality. Hospitality is the presence of radical, grace-based service from another couple. This is accomplished through listening well, intentionally preparing and remembering the little things that are meaningful to other couples.

When all five agents are working together throughout the length of a retreat or adventure, couples have the opportunity to experience transformation in profound and lasting ways.

The Role of the Host Couple

Hosting a WinShape Marriage Retreat

Each year, there are several opportunities for couples to host one of our marriage retreats at the beautiful WinShape Retreat in Mt. Berry, Georgia. It is there that host couples seek to provide a ministry of presence to those who are participating in the retreat. This includes participating in experiential learning and programming components of the weekend, as well as joining couples for meals and down time.

Hosts aim to build relationships with other couples and get to know them on a personal level, ultimately serving them by being a safe place to process the marriage content that is presented.

Hosting a WinShape Marriage Adventure

Each year, we publish a marriage adventure portfolio that details the adventure opportunities available to host couples. Immediately following is a period of open enrollment, when host couples can sign up to host a particular adventure. Once their host dates have been confirmed, the host couple is then responsible for filling the other ten spots (five couples) on the adventure. Host couples should prayerfully consider other healthy couples in their sphere of influence to join them.

While on the adventure, the host couple’s role is to facilitate transformation by utilizing the five agents of transformation described above. We train host couples by using our unique marriage adventure curriculum and provide a comprehensive guidebook that reinforces the work of their role. A successful marriage adventure is one at which host couples leverage an experience to facilitate transformation in the other couples’ lives, both in their relationship with the Lord and with their spouse.

How do my spouse and I become a host couple?

  • Submit your email address below so we can follow up and hear more about you and your spouse.
  • Take the PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment. This is the most widely-used marriage assessment in the U.S. and helps reveal the areas of strength and potential growth within your relationship. If it is determined that the health of your marriage is not in a place to be leading other couples at this time, we would love to work with you and provide other resources to get your marriage where you want it to be.
  • Attend a Host Couple Training Summit at WinShape Retreat in Rome, GA. This is a weekend away for you and your spouse where we will provide comprehensive training on everything you need to know to be an effective host couple.
  • Sign up to host a WinShape Marriage Retreat or Adventure. We’re here to walk you through that process.


What are the costs?

  1. $35 fee for PREPARE/ENRICH Assessment
  2. Travel arrangements for Host Couple Training Summit
  3. Travel arrangements only for any retreat or adventure that you host

Interested in Joining?

If this sounds like the right fit for you and your spouse, enter your email address below and let’s begin the application process together.