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Young married couple, wife using one of our Valentine's Day gifts for him ideas to give a present to her husband

30 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

January 10, 2024
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30 Valentine’s Day Gifts To Get Your Husband 

Men can be hard to buy gifts for, especially Valentine’s Day gifts. If you and your spouse exchange Valentine’s Day gifts, but you’re struggling deciding what to get your hubby, we’ve got 30 ideas below. Ranging in style and price, there’s certainly something he’ll enjoy. If not, consider a gift related to his hobby—is your husband interested in running, lifting weights, playing music, reading historical fiction, golfing, etc.? A Valentine’s Day gift for him that shows you thought about his interests will speak volumes. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

1. Personalized Wallet 

These first few ideas have a similar theme—upgrade something your husband uses every day with a personal touch, like this personalized wallet. 

2. Personalized Key Chain 

While you’re at it, this personalized key chain will allow him to always have a photo of his family to look at whenever he grabs his keys. 

3. Personalized Valet Tray 

If your better half gets home and drops his keys, wallet, watch, change, etc. on the counter or on his nightstand, he won’t anymore once you get him a personalized valet tray. 

4. Personalized Golf Towel

For your resident golfer, a personalized golf towel is a nice gift that is an upgrade from any old towel. 

5. Golf Balls With Dog’s Face on Them 

Calling all dog moms—gift the dog dad in your life these equally funny and sweet golf balls with your dog’s face on them. 

6. Golf Gift Certificate 

Round out the golf themed gift ideas with an afternoon on you to play a round of golf! 

7. Personalized Weekend Bag 

If your husband travels often for work or has the same bag he’s had forever, get him a new, stylish weekend bag. 

8. Personalized Toiletry Bag

Once you’ve secured a new bag, make sure he has an updated toiletry bag, too! 

9. NFL Themed Uno 

This is a fun gift for the football lover and game lover in your life. After you give it to him, your family can play this unique version of Uno.  

10. College Themed BBQ Set 

For your family’s resident grill master, a new BBQ set featuring his favorite college team should be a hit. 

11. Beard Bib 

If your husband has a beard and your pet peeve is cleaning the beard hair around your sink, check out this gift…maybe this is more of a gift for you than him (though you can let him think it’s for him!) 

12. Beard Oil and Balm 

This will be for him—he’ll love a new set of beard oil and balm that smells great. 

13. Favorite Cologne 

Pick up your husband’s favorite cologne to make sure he stays stocked. 

14. New Watch 

A new watch for him to wear on date night or a new workout watch is a good gift idea as well as a new watch band if he loves his watch but just wants to update it a bit. 

15. Massage Gun 

Massage guns are a popular gift, especially if your husband enjoys staying active by exercising often. 

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him or Her  

1. New Bible

If your spouse has had their eye on a new bible, gift them one for Valentine’s Day. Maybe they want a different translation, a journaling bible, or a study bible. Or, if your spouse has a beloved bible that needs rebinding, check out Legacy Bible. 

2. New Devotional 

Similarly, use this opportunity to snag a new devotional for your spouse they’ve been interested in or one by their favorite author. 

3. Kindle 

If your spouse is an avid reader but never ventured into the world of Kindles, consider one as a gift. They’re great for reading poolside because they’re waterproof or in bed because you can turn your lamp off and still see to read. 

4. Book off Their Reading Wish List 

A hardcopy of a book on their reading wish list or a book to add to their Kindle, see idea above, is a great gift idea. 

 5. Luggage 

If you’ve got 2024 trips planned, upgrade to a new set of his and her luggage! 

6. Personalized Luggage Tag 

While you’re updating your luggage, a personalized luggage tag is always a nice touch to your suitcase. 

7. Personalized Sweatshirts 

If you don’t think your spouse will go for matching sweatshirts, check out these simple, subtle ones you can personalize with an important date. 

8. Socks With Faces on Them

With these socks, your spouse can take you, your kids, or your pets with them…on their feet! 

9. Pullout Photo Album

Display special photos in a unique way on your coffee table or nightstand via this pullout photo album. 

10. Personalized Date Night Dice

Figuring out what to eat, what movie to watch, or what activity to do will no longer be a challenge for planning date nights with your spouse. Look at these cool personalized date night dice. 

11. Personalized Song and Photo Plaque 

If you and your spouse have a favorite song that speaks to your marriage, this song and photo plaque will surely be a touching gift. 

12. Air Freshener With Photo on It 

Your car will smell good when you’re driving, and you’ll see a sweet picture of your family. This could serve as a great reminder to pray for your family, too. 

13. Fondue Pot Set 

This is a great Valentine’s Day gift idea, and it will double as an ongoing date night idea, too! Try cheese and/or chocolate fondue in the comfort of your home. 

14. Pickleball Paddles 

For active couples, take advantage of the holiday to hop on the popular pickleball trend!  

15. Shower Steamers or Bath Bombs 

Relax in a bath with a bath bomb or take a hot shower with a shower steamer—they make scents for men and women. 

Bonus Idea: A WinShape Marriage Retreat

Remember a weekend away to a WinShape Marriage Retreat is the perfect Valentine’s Day Gift, too! Give the gift of a restful weekend to your spouse.

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