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Don’t Fall for These 7 Marriage Myths About Conflict

April 10, 2024
Conflict Management

In episode one of The WinShape Marriage Podcast, Julie Baumgardner busted seven dangerous marriage myths. Today, she’s back to bust seven more, with a focus on conflict. Have you ever heard, “Never go to bed angry,” or “Differences will ruin your marriage,”? These, and other similar statements, are marriage myths! For example, Julie explains that differences can wreak havoc in your marriage if you don’t learn how to make them work for your marriage, but they aren’t going to ruin your relationship from the start. Differences aren’t deficient; they’re just different. So, don’t fall for these marriage myths related to conflict—listen to this conversation with Rob and Julie and learn how to debunk them.

Time Stamps:

(0:17) Never go to bed angry.

(3:50) Healthy marriages are conflict free.

(7:23) Getting married helps couples in struggling relationships.

(9:35) Having children helps couples in struggling marriages.

(11:54) Differences will ruin your marriages.

(15:32) Seek out marriage counseling as the last resort.

(18:30) Every disagreement must have a resolution.


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