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Returning Restored

For this couple, a WinShape Marriage Intensive was more than a retreat; it was a catalyst for a new marriage.

After 21 years of marriage, Anthony and Elizabeth believed their relationship was past the point of reconciliation and had decided it was time to part ways.

“In front of everybody else we were okay, but we were not okay, we were not communicating. We just grew apart,” explains Elizabeth.

That’s when their friends stepped in and encouraged them to attend a Marriage Intensive at WinShape. Designed to help struggling couples find lasting solutions through renewed emotional connections, rediscovered intimacy, and genuine healing, this four-day experience was exactly what they needed to relaunch their marriage.

Anthony describes the emotion they both felt as soon as they arrived at WinShape Retreat

“The second we walked into the room, the two us just started…all out crying just because of the overwhelming love and sense of care. We’d grown accustomed to not having any of that, and to experience that was, for us, the first moment where we said, ‘We’re right where we’re need to be.’”

And that it was. Elizabeth now says with confidence that the Marriage Intensive experience was the catalyst for a new marriage for her and Anthony.

After returning for a WinShape Marriage Retreat four years later, the two reflect on that initial weekend that saved their marriage.

“I still keep my little notebook that I brought to the Intensive and the notes I took… it’s one of my most treasured possessions,” Elizabeth says. “Every now and then I pull it out, and I can see how far we’ve come.”

Now married for 25 years and counting – with two grandchildren and one on the way –  Anthony believes saving their marriage may be one of the best things he and Elizabeth could have done for their family.

“I think it can become part of our legacy for our kids, to have fought for our marriage.”

Designed to take marriages to the next level, the Intensive experience can help hurting couples heal by providing tools that allow them to break free from the cycle of damaging patterns, as well as addressing issues that impede their growth.