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Experiences that allow you to refresh and reconnect with your spouse.

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A Weekend To Connect

In every stage of marriage, you and your spouse can find a renewed opportunity to lean in and learn even more about growing together and strengthening your relationship. Our Marriage Retreats provide a place of serenity, where there’s space to be honest and intentional. Together, you’ll have experiences that stretch and strengthen your marriage, as you reaffirm your devotion to Christ and each other.

Experience An Opportunity To Grow

This is more than a weekend away - it's an opportunity for your marriage to reach new heights.

Breakthrough Experiences

Marriage presents opportunities to learn and grow together. Overcoming unfamiliar, yet powerful situations strengthens resilience. Our immersive experiences offer a new perspective by giving you and your spouse the opportunity to work through challenges together. As you both surpass what you thought was possible, you emerge united and equipped to meet life with strength and courage.

Christ-Focused Teaching

No matter where you are on the marriage journey, the Bible’s foundational truths can propel your relationship forward. We illuminate timeless theology to your marriage, leading you and your spouse to moments that that teach and transform. As you dive deeper into scriptural principles, you strengthen your connection to Christ and grow closer to your spouse.

Inspired Hospitality

From the moment you drive onto our campus, you’ll find unfailing, abundant care at every turn. We create experiences and environments that are intentional in every detail so you can focus on each other and know that everything is well taken care of. Take pleasure in the chance to unplug and be served, so you both can take the next step to a stronger marriage.

Featured Marriage Retreats

Passionate Intimacy:
February 19-21, 2021

Strongest Us:
February 19-21, 2021

Courageous Hearts:
March 19-21, 2021

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How To Choose A Marriage Retreat

With over 20+ retreats available on our calendar, knowing which one to choose can be daunting. Luckily, with some knowledge of your relationship and a little bit of time, you can find the retreat for you and be on your way to a deeper connection with your spouse.

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Intensive v. Retreat: Which is Right For You?

Every couple is unique in their season of life and challenges. Some simply need a weekend away and to be encouraged and strengthened. Others may be stuck and hopeless, and need a little more guidance and care. This article will help you decide which experience is right for you.

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What's in a WinShape Marriage Retreat? Follow these couples' journeys as they experience one for the very first time.
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