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How To Choose the Best Marriage Experience for My Spouse and Me

October 31, 2022
Marriage Retreats

Tips To Find a WinShape Marriage Experience That Suits You and Your Spouse Well 

So, you and your spouse have read about what Marriage Retreats are and what to expect, but you don’t know how to choose which one to attend. Or, you and your spouse have been to one of our WinShape Marriage Retreats, and you’re wondering…which one should we go to next?  

WinShape Marriage offers a variety different marriage experiences year-round in Rome, Georgia. Though they cover many content topics, they’re each specifically designed to meet you where you are and strengthen your marriage during the current season. If finding the right fit for your relationship feels overwhelming, don’t worry! We’re here to help. 

An image of a smiling couple sitting in a group during a Marriage Retreat.

First, know that all upcoming Marriage Retreats are categorized on our website by Retreat Name and Retreat Focus. Browsing by Retreat Focus is a great starting point. Select the focus area you’re interested in, and the most applicable experiences will be displayed. Learn more about the retreat focuses below.

  1. Communication and Conflict Management: We offer communication and conflict management retreats various times a year focused on strategies to help couples break down any communication barriers they’re facing and learn to handle conflict more successfully.
  2. Empty Nest: Empty Nest retreats are designed to partner with couples who are entering the second phase of their marriage in order to give them tools to adjust to their new season of life without children in the house. 
  3. Foundation Building: Foundation Building retreats are for couples who are looking to lay a healthy foundation for their marriage including couples who are seriously dating, engaged, newly married (up to seven years), or first-time expectant parents. 
  4. Marriage and Parenting: Marriage and Parenting retreats are for couples who are in the throes of balancing their marriage with parenting. In addition to general parenting retreats, we offer retreats for couples who are raising children with special needs or have/are fostering or adopted. There’s something for everyone looking to enhance both their marital and family health during these crucial years. 
  5. Marriage Enrichment: Consider the Marriage Enrichment focus a catchall. These retreats serve general audiences who simply want to enrich their marriage one way or another such as setting a vision statement for their marriage or caring for their souls and the soul of their marriage.
  6. Sex and Intimacy: Sex and Intimacy retreats are for couples who seek to grow in all forms of intimacy with their spouse—physical, emotional, and spiritual intimacy. 

After you’ve chosen a Retreat Focus, explore the individual retreat pages to determine specifically which is best for your relationship. Each page will list the retreat date, description, key takeaways, cost, and more information regarding what the weekend experience looks like. 

There may be multiple retreats that interest you and your spouse, and that’s OK! In fact, this is highly likely. Choose one that fits with your current schedule, and know you can always attend another later. Keep in mind that some Marriage Retreats are offered multiple times throughout a calendar year, while others are only offered once. 

In addition to our Marriage Retreats, we also offer experiences called Romantic Adventures—which are weekends for couples to lean into romance and adventure and learn how to prioritize “play” again.  

Currently, we offer three Romantic Adventures designed for couples who are ready to channel their adventurous spirit. These are Play With a Purpose, Challenge Course, and Couples Quest. The main difference between Romantic Adventures and Marriage Retreats is the time spent participating in experiential learning versus the time spent receiving content in an auditorium type setting. So, if you and your spouse would like to switch it up and participate in more hands-on opportunities, check out these experiences.  

If you have additional questions or need more guidance related to narrowing down our marriage experiences, our Customer Experience Team is always ready to help. Call them at 866-976-2774. 

Whether you’re just starting out on your marriage journey, or you’ve been married for decades and you want to rekindle sparks with your spouse, there’s a WinShape Marriage experience that has been crafted with you in mind. We look forward to meeting you soon! 

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