Married couple with children enjoy hot cocoa at their indoor picnic, a winter date idea

10 Winter Date Ideas for Couples and Families

January 3, 2023
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Beat the Winter Blues With One of These Dates! 

For many, winter is a difficult season—it’s colder and drearier, and it can be hard to feel inspired to try new things or even leave the coziness of home. Whether you like colder weather or you’re looking for ways to enjoy your least favorite season, check out our list of 10 winter date ideas you can do with your spouse or your family. Don’t stay cooped up inside. Instead, enjoy one of these wintry activities before the temps start rising. 

1. Go Ice-Skating 

Find your nearest ice-skating rink—indoor or outdoor—and give it a try with your spouse! You may not be graceful, but that’s OK. Enjoy the afternoon skating…or falling and laughing…on the rink with your family. 

Young married couple ice skating together, going on a winter date together

2. Go Skiing or Snowboarding 

If you live in the mountains, head to the slopes for a day of skiing or snowboarding together. It’s never too late to learn something new, so take a lesson if you need. Whether you’re an adventurous skier or you’re there for the views, don’t miss a chance to appreciate the winter landscape. 

3. Write “Open When” Letters 

Spend an afternoon writing “open when” letters. If you have big events coming up this year like a graduation or welcoming a baby, write a letter to “open when” the event takes place. Or, write “open when” letters for times throughout the upcoming year that may not have major significance now but would be a nice surprise to read nonetheless, such as, “Open when it’s the first day of summer.”

Married couple writing letters to

4. Go on a Hot Cocoa Tasting Tour 

A steaming hot cup of cocoa…or three…should definitely warm you up. If you’re a hot chocolate connoisseur, go on an afternoon date to a couple of local coffee shops. Try each of their hot chocolate recipes to decipher which is the best. 

5. Make Paper Snowflakes 

You’ve likely taken down your Christmas décor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little pizazz to your home decorations during the winter. Have an art and crafts day, and create paper snowflakes to hang on your door or as garland from your mantle. 

Mom and daughter making paper snowflakes together participating in a winter date

6. Plan an Indoor Pajama Picnic 

If the temps are still chilly where you’re at, plan an indoor pajama picnic. Get out the picnic blanket and basket and all the goods—food, drinks, desserts. Spread it out in front of the fireplace or on your living room floor, leave your pajamas on, and enjoy the coziest picnics of all picnics. 

7. Play in the Snow 

Become a kid again with your kids! Snowball fight. Check! Make snow angels. Check! Build a snowman. Check! Go sledding. Check! Bundle up, and find ways to enjoy the cold and snow together. 

Older married couple playing in the snow, participating in a winter date; they are sledding down a hill

8. Go on a Winter Walk 

It may not be your longest walk ever, but grab your scarves, hats, and gloves, and head out for a walk around the block with each other. Warm up the walk by filling up your mugs with hot chocolate, hot apple cider, or hot coffee. When your drinks are gone, consider it time to head home!  

 9. Plan a Trip 

Have you been talking about fun trips to take with one another? When you have a few hours of downtime, make a date out of planning your next trip. You may not iron out all the specific details, but dream about what you want to see, where you want to eat, and what activities you want to do in the city you’re traveling to this upcoming year. 

Young married couple on the couch together planning a trip on their computer; a winter date idea

10. Make a Photo Album 

You have great intentions to print your photos for an album during the year, and then sports, school events, and outdoor activities take precedence. Not to worry…a cold winter day is the perfect excuse to stay in and do something you “never have time for,” like making a photo album of your favorite memories from the previous year. 

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