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young married couple playing disc golf, one of our fun active date ideas

20 Adventurous and Active Date Ideas for Couples

June 12, 2024
Marriage Enrichment

A Variety of Active Date Ideas for the Thrill-Seeking Couple 

If you and your spouse are always looking for your next sporty activity, we’ve got a list of 20 adventurous and active date ideas for you. From archery to boccie ball to white water rafting, this list will certainly keep you busy moving your bodies, trying new things, and checking off thrilling adventures together! When you’re ready to get out of the house and get out of your comfort zones, we’ve got you covered with a slew of active dates. 

1. Take a Dance Class 

Salsa, ballroom, break dancing…sign you and your spouse up for an afternoon dance class, or if you’re feeling committed, take a few lessons over the course of a couple of weeks. At the next wedding you attend, the dance floor will be calling your name! 

an older married couple taking a dance class one of our fun active date ideas

2. Go Paddleboarding 

Paddleboarding requires a bit more balance and technique than canoeing. If you all have canoeing down, test your skills and coordination on the water on a paddleboard. 

3. Play Disc Golf 

Ask a few of your couple friends to play disc golf one afternoon. It’s active enough to keep you moving and off the couch but slow enough where you can still enjoy conversation as you walk from hole to hole. 

4. Learn Archery 

If you’ve never participated in archery, it requires a different skillset. Give it a shot and take a lesson at a local archery range. 

5. Play Laser Tag 

Tag…you’re it, to plan this date night! Remember how fun playing tag was as a kid? Running around your backyard playing tag might not have the same ring to it as it did when you were younger, but go enjoy a night of laser tag.

young couples double dating playing laser tag one of our fun active date ideas

6. Go to a Trampoline Park 

Spoiler—trampoline parks aren’t only for kids! On a rainy day or super hot day, head indoors to a trampoline park. Be careful flipping—you may feel like a kid still, but your body might say otherwise! 

7. Go Axe Throwing 

It’s like darts…but with axes! Axe throwing is a new, trendy date idea. Find a place nearby where you and your spouse can try your hand at axe throwing—just not at each other! 

8. Ride Jet Skis 

Many lakes will rent Jet Skis for locals to take out for the day; you don’t have to own one. If you’ve never ridden a Jet Ski, give it a go on the water this summer! 

9. Play Paintball 

Another active date idea that’s perfect for a group of friends. Skip out on your usual dinner date with friends, and instead challenge each other to a game of paintball. 

10. Play Pickleball 

If you aren’t playing pickleball yet, what are you doing?! It’s time to order a set off Amazon and trade in tennis for an afternoon playing the newest rage—pickleball. 

a young married couple playing pickleball one of our fun active date ideas

11. Play Dodgeball 

If paintball feels a little too out of your comfort zone, tailor it down to a game of dodgeball instead. Elect two team captains, and do a schoolyard pick to determine who’ll face off against each other. 

12. Play Boccie Ball 

Originating in Italy, boccie ball is like bowling but outdoors—hence why it made our list of active date ideas. 

13. Go on a Bike Ride 

Dust off the handlebars of your bikes and find a scenic bike trail to go for a ride together. Pack a small picnic to enjoy at a pit stop along the way. 

14. Have a Water Gun Fight 

Here’s a unique way to cool down in the summer…fill some water guns and leave a few on the front doorsteps with a note, “Come find me.” Hide out with your water guns and get ready to drench your spouse when they pop out around the corner! 

15. Sign up for a Color Run 

Don’t register for any old 5k run. Find a color run in your area—it’ll make the run more more…colorful!

a young married doing a color run one of our fun active date ideas

16. Sign up for a Mud Run 

We admit…this is a bit messier than the color run, but it’s equally as fun if you’re up for the challenge!  

17. Go White Water Rafting 

Take a day trip to a river near you where you can go white water rafting. You don’t need to find class VI rapids to be adventurous. This active date is certain to be exhilarating and refreshing no matter what! 

18. Surf 

This might require a trip to the beach…which is never a bad thing! Next time you’re on a beach vacation with your spouse, plan an intentional date to try something brand-new like surfing. 

19. Play Tennis 

So, you think pickleball is too popular and not all that fun…that’s A-OK. Stick to the classic—tennis! 

20. Play Volleyball 

Bump, set, spike! Find volleyball courts near you, whether indoor, outdoor, or sand. Get your game on ahead of this year’s Olympic Games. 

Did you find at least one active date on this list you and your sporty spouse will enjoy? Have a great time on your next adventure! 

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