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What Is a Marriage Retreat?

What Is a Marriage Retreat?

March 28, 2022
Marriage Retreats

What To Expect at a Marriage Retreat

There’s no one answer or hidden secret to make marriage work. In fact, there are many valuable ways to strengthen marital health. A great starting point, though, is having two people who are consistently committed to nourishing their relationship. There are times when this is easier and times when this is difficult, like when work feels overwhelming, children’s schedules are in the driver’s seat, and money is tight. We get it!

Maybe it’s been a while since you and your spouse made space in your calendar to spend extended, quality time with one another, and you’re craving time to connect. Don’t shy away from this desire—it’s healthy, and it will only impact your marriage for the better.

At WinShape Marriage, we believe you and your spouse can find a renewed opportunity in every stage of marriage to lean in and learn even more about growing together and strengthening your relationship. This is why we offer various Marriage Retreats year-round designed to encourage all couples ranging from newlyweds, to parents, to empty nesters, and everyone in between.

So, what is a Marriage Retreat?

Not all Marriage Retreats look the same; however, one thing that is consistent is they allow couples a few days away to come together and have space and time to focus on one another and reconnect.

Marriage Retreats give couples a physical place to free themselves from the distractions and stress of everyday life and routines. Once you and your spouse arrive at the retreat, you don’t have to think about planning. There’s no meal prep, cooking, or cleanup to be done, no household chores to check off your list, and no car pools to attend to. The environment is peaceful and safe, so you’ll have freedom to strengthen your relationship whether by having deep or even tough conversations, resting together with no expectations, or just having fun with each other, participating in recreational activities and laughing again. 

Additionally, Marriage Retreats give couples opportunities, if they choose, to connect with others walking through similar seasons. For example, there are retreats for those who are newly married as well as empty nesters, so whichever audience you and your spouse are in, you’ll be able to relate with those around you over shared experiences. You’ll be reminded that you’re not alone in your struggles and you’re “normal” because others are experiencing the same types of things.

Not all Marriage Retreats focus on the spiritual needs of relationships, but, if you and your spouse are looking for a Christian Marriage Retreat, then attending a WinShape Marriage Retreat is a wonderful place to start. During large group sessions, you’ll experience both Bible-based teaching from retreat speakers as well as worship. Christian Marriage Retreats support couples in their marriage journey by helping them nurture the spiritual and emotional aspects of their relationship.

So, are you and your spouse in need of a safe space and uninterrupted time to unwind and relax? Do you want to learn helpful strategies to add to your marriage toolkit? Are you and your spouse ready to have a few days away from “normal” and have fun together? Then, attending a Marriage Retreat is a great next step.

Going to a Marriage Retreat is a positive investment in your marriage. You’ll learn new skills or be reminded of things you know but haven’t had time to put into practice. Ultimately, you’ll experience a stronger connection with your spouse.

Ready To Choose a Marriage Retreat With Your Spouse?

If you and your spouse are ready to slip away for a weekend at WinShape Retreat, browse our upcoming WinShape Marriage Retreats.

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