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Married couple with children enjoying a summer date at the swimming pool

25 Summer Date Ideas for Couples and Families

June 20, 2022
Marriage Enrichment

A Summer Date Bucket List for You and Your Spouse or the Whole Family

It’s finally summertime! For some of you, summer brings pure excitement and joy because it’s hot and sunny and you have extra time on your hands. For others, you might not be so thrilled for summer because, well, it’s hot and sunny and you have extra time on your hands (with your kids). Whatever your feelings about this new season, we hope you’ll find opportunities for fun. To help, we have 25 summer date ideas that double as family activities. We’ve done the thinking for you—so, scan this list, pick an idea, and spend much-needed quality time with your spouse, or enjoy a fantastic family fun day where the kids will be involved, too.

1. Go Fishing

Break out the poles and bait for an afternoon of fishing at a nearby pond or lake. Don’t like to fish? Sit back, relax, and enjoy time together by the water. Take it back to the good old days, and skip a rock or two.

Young married couple enjoying a summer date fishing at a lake

2. Plan a Pool Day

You and your spouse? Grab your favorite books and portable speaker. Kids tagging along? Pack the pool toys and PB and Js. Either way, head to the pool for a day at the water.

3. Have a Board Game Marathon

Get a break from the heat, dust off your old board games, and partake in family-friendly competition by hosting a board game marathon. Who will come out on top?

4. Go Bowling

You may strike out while bowling, but you won’t strike out with a bowling date. A game for all ages—this date will be a win in the books for sure.

Young married couple with children enjoy a summer date at the bowling alley

5. Check Out a Museum

Spend a leisurely afternoon together at a museum. They say, “You learn something new every day.” It’ll be hard not to during this date.

6. Go to a Baseball Game

Take your love or your family out to a ball game. It doesn’t have to be the big leagues—check out the schedule for the minor leagues or a college team near you.

7. Host a Backyard BBQ

Whether it’s the two of you, your couple friends, or other families in your neighborhood, spend a summer evening grilling out and playing backyard games.

Group of young married friends enjoying a summer date hosting a backyard bbq

8. Create a Backyard Oasis

Bring the beach to your yard. Whether for the kids or the two of you, blow up a mini pool, and fill it with cold water. Take it to the next level by adding sand to your setup. Then, hang out, and sunbathe in your own backyard.

9. Go to an Amusement Park

Seeking a thrill? The perfect idea for a summer staycation is to spend a day at an amusement park. Get ready to laugh, maybe cry, and scream during this exhilarating date.

10. Play Mini Golf

Remember how fun Putt-Putt was as a kid? Try your hand at scoring a hole in one during this date. Maybe, you can sweet talk your spouse into letting you use a mulligan if need be.

older married couple in the empty nest phase of marriage enjoying a summer date playing putt putt

11. Attend a Cooking Class 

Spice up an everyday chore—cooking—and sign you and your spouse or your family up for a cooking class. Learn a new recipe together, and put the fun back into something you do daily.

12. Go to a Drive-in Movie 

A slow summer night is the perfect time to check the movie schedule at your local drive-in. Pick a film, pack your favorite snacks, and enjoy an evening together in front of the big screen.

13. Go on a Food Truck Tour 

It’s time to expand your palette—and food trucks are a great place to start. Encourage each person to order from a different food truck. Then, get adventurous by passing plates to find what each of you like!

Group of young married friends on a double date in the summer time at a food truck

14. Rock Climb

Find a local rock climbing gym for this active date. Ditch the fancy clothes, put on your athletic wear, and spend the afternoon conquering challenges together.

15. Go River Tubing

Beat the summer heat in the water. All you need are tubes to enjoy an afternoon together soaking up the sun while floating down the river.

16. Go on a Hike

Get fresh air and exercise—locate nearby trails near, and enjoy an afternoon hike together. You could also bring a picnic lunch to eat at a pit stop.

Young married couple with children enjoying a summer date hiking outside on a trail

17. Play an Escape Room

Test your mental stamina and teamwork skills. This date is especially fun with a group of couple friends or your whole family. Will you be able to escape?

18. Pick Berries

Summer is the perfect season to load up on delicious fresh fruit. Check out local farms in your area that offer berry picking, and head out with your spouse or family for an afternoon of fun.

19. Go Out for Ice Cream

You don’t always have to get dressed up for a dinner date. Cook at home, and then once the sun sets, drive to your local ice cream shop for a delicious dessert date.

Young married couple enjoying a summer date eating ice cream

20. Have a Water Balloon Fight

It’s time to channel your competitive nature. Use your water hose to fill up a bucket of balloons. Then—3…2…1…—launch the balloons at one another. At least you’ll be cool!

21. Watch Fireworks

Mark your calendar for any fireworks shows in your area. Then, grab a blanket, and enjoy the beautiful summertime spectacle together.

22. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset

Early bird or night owl? Whichever camp you and your spouse or family find yourselves in, use the sunrise or sunset as an opportunity to slow down, rest, and enjoy nature together.

Young married couple with children enjoy a summer date walking the beach at sunset

23. Volunteer

It’s never too early or late to give back to your community. Whether you volunteer often or it’ll be your kids’ first time, find something you’re passionate about, and give back together.

24. Go Roller Skating

It’s time to show your kids your tricks or maybe how it’s OK to laugh at yourself when you fall. Coordinated or not, spend an afternoon at a roller skating rink.

25. Go to an Arcade

Who will take home the grand prize? See how many tickets you can earn while playing all the classics like basketball, Whac-A-Mole, and Skee-Ball.

Older married couple in the empty nest phase of marriage enjoying a summer date at the arcade playing games and winning tickets

Whether you’re young and in love, raising little ones, looking to spend time with your adult children, or you’re in the empty nest phase of your marriage, there’s certain to be a date or two on this list you’ll enjoy. Get started checking off your summer date bucket list today!

The Fun Doesn’t Have to End When Summer Does

If you’re having loads of fun with your family this summer, then plan for a quiet weekend away with your spouse this fall or winter. Check out our upcoming WinShape Marriage Retreats!

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