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A couple holding hands while walking through a green field at a WinShape Marriage Retreat.

Who Are Marriage Retreats For?

May 18, 2022
Marriage Retreats

Is a WinShape Marriage Retreat the Right Fit for My Spouse and Me?

You’ve heard about Marriage Retreats. You’ve read about what they are and what to expect. You’ve even gotten your spouse on board to consider attending one. But before you fully commit, you might be wondering, “Are Marriage Retreats for a couple like us?” Let’s find out!

First, are you married? This seems obvious, but at WinShape Retreat, our Marriage Retreats are for married couples. There is one exception—we offer Marriage Prep, a retreat for couples who are engaged or seriously dating and considering marriage.

Now that we’ve answered the obvious question, let’s dive a little deeper to see if a WinShape Marriage Retreat is a good fit for you and your spouse.

If you and your spouse would describe your marriage as good but in need of encouragement, strengthening, or “tuning up,” then one of our Marriage Retreats is likely a great fit. Marriage Retreats aren’t meant to be overwhelming—attending one can be compared to performing regular car maintenance like changing the oil or rotating the tires.

As a whole, Marriage Retreats are for couples who would benefit from a restful weekend away together. We know that life doesn’t slow down, and it can be difficult to set aside uninterrupted quality time. If this describes you, then you’re in the right place—a Marriage Retreat would be an enriching experience for you and your spouse, providing you with alone time to connect.

Additionally, Marriage Retreats provide helpful content for couples walking through many different life stages. If you and your spouse would love to learn applicable marriage tips and strategies to implement in your day-to-day lives, then you’re also in the right place. We offer Marriage Retreats for a variety of audiences. Consider the following questions.

Are you looking to enrich and strengthen your marriage or have a fun getaway with your spouse?

Do you desire to grow in sexual, spiritual, and/or emotional intimacy with your spouse?

Do you desire to learn more about communication and conflict management?

Are you engaged, newly married, or recently married within the past five years and looking for tools to build a strong foundation for your marriage?

Are you on a journey balancing marriage and parenting whether you’re expecting a baby, managing children and teenagers, or transitioning into the empty nest phase?

Do you desire to dream (again) with your spouse and/or have you ever considered what casting a vision for your marriage looks like?

The list can go on, but if you answered, “Yes,” to any of the above questions, we’d love to invite you to attend a WinShape Marriage Retreat.

Overall, the important thing to recognize is that if…

  1. You are married and your marriage is NOT in crisis
  2. You need encouragement for your marriage
  3. You need a restful weekend away with your spouse
  4. You would enjoy learning helpful and biblical marriage content

…then you and your spouse are great candidates for a WinShape Marriage Retreat.

Lastly, if you and your spouse would describe your marriage as one that is in crisis, we believe a Marriage Intensive would be a better fit for you. We’ve written an additional blog where you can learn about the specific differences between a Marriage Retreat and a Marriage Intensive. If you need more help determining which experience is right for you and your spouse, call our Customer Experience Team at 866-976-2774.

Ready To Choose a Marriage Retreat With Your Spouse?

If you and your spouse are ready to slip away for a weekend at WinShape Retreat, browse our upcoming WinShape Marriage Retreats.

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