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Answering Your Marriage Questions: Part 2

May 22, 2024
Marriage Enrichment

You asked; we answered! In the final episode of season one of The WinShape Marriage Podcast, the team answers the rest of your listener submitted questions. This episode dives deeper into marriage questions related to communication, intentionality, and parenting, follow-up questions to episode eight’s marriage and parenting conversation. Listen to part two of our Q&A, and stay tuned for season two of the podcast coming later this year.

Time Stamps:

(:21) I hear having kids changes your marriage for the worse, and it makes me fearful. Can you speak about how having children affects your marriage positively? 

(5:50) How do you know when it’s time to have children? 

(9:30) What guidance do you have for couples struggling to get pregnant? 

(12:41) We are expecting a baby later this year and are wondering what conversations we should have around parenting styles? 

(18:55) What advice do you have for couples in their first year of parenthood? 

(22:23) How can blended families work better together to build love, belonging, and confidence in their kids? 


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