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My Spouse Doesn’t Want To Attend a Marriage Retreat

June 3, 2022
Marriage Retreats

Alleviate Your Concerns—What Happens at a WinShape Marriage Retreat?

When I think about being in a large room with a bunch of people sharing about their marriages, I feel uneasy.

What are they going to ask us to do at a Marriage Retreat?

It’s too expensive to attend a Marriage Retreat.

I don’t want to air our dirty laundry in front of complete strangers.

I don’t want to be embarrassed.

We don’t have time to attend a Marriage Retreat.

Does attending a Marriage Retreat mean we have a bad marriage?

Have you or your spouse ever asked any of these questions or said any of these statements when considering attending a Marriage Retreat? Yes? We figured. You’re not the first. At WinShape Marriage, we hear questions and concerns like these often—and they’re completely understandable.

If your spouse is hesitant to attend, or even if you have fears regarding going to a Marriage Retreat, we encourage you to not give up yet! First, pray for your spouse and yourself. Pray that you both would feel encouraged, amid being uncomfortable, to take a step of faith and attend a retreat. Additionally, pray that each of you individually would feel peace about attending together.

As you’re praying and continuing to consider attending, we hope to answer your questions and ease your concerns by setting realistic expectations for what you can anticipate.

Attending a WinShape Marriage Retreat will give you and your spouse:

  • A three-day weekend away at WinShape Retreat in Rome, Georgia apart from your ordinary, everyday routine
  • Intentional time to focus on one another without distractions and enjoy meaningful conversations
  • Serene spaces and comfortable accommodations to truly unplug and connect
  • Christ-centered teaching and relationship-building activities to equip you with tools to strengthen your marriage
  • A quiet retreat where you can rest and invite God to speak to you and lead you in your marriage
  • A renewed sense of intimacy with each other

During a WinShape Marriage Retreat, you and your spouse will not experience:

  • Marriage counseling
  • Requests to share personal information or experiences with a large group of people
couple getting popcorn at a marriage retreat

Each of our Christian Marriage Retreats are designed to be engaging, equipping, and impactful. Come prepared to have fun with your husband or wife as well as connect with other couples in similar life stages. Additionally, our team members are ready to serve you throughout the entire weekend—by providing you with delicious meals and hot coffee at every turn, guiding you through marriage building exercises, leading you into worship experiences, and more—all on the beautiful campus of Berry College in Rome, Georgia.

If you and your spouse are still a little nervous, start by coming to a bit more lighthearted experience like one of our Romantic Adventures.

Overall, WinShape Marriage Retreats immerse you in intentionally curated environments that suit you, your spouse, and the season of marriage you find yourselves in. They are solely meant to enhance your marriage. At WinShape Marriage, we would be honored to partner with you on your marriage journey as you seek to strengthen your marital health, and we’d be delighted to host you and your spouse soon! We look forward to meeting you.

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