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When Plates Get Too Full

There are times in every marriage when it feels like your plate is just too full —sometimes it’s too full of normal, everyday responsibilities and spouses get out of sync.

Often, it may seem like that original spark has died and in its place is a series of challenges that have ignited resentment or apathy. In some cases, hurt, despair and betrayal have replaced trust, love and honor. Plates get full. Life gets in the way. Marriages struggle.

Since 2003, thousands of couples have sought healthy solutions for restoring their relationships through Intensives hosted through WinShape Marriage. While all couples are unique in their own individual challenges, there is a common thread woven through the foundation of their marriages. It’s a covenant between husband and wife, and God. And, it’s worth fighting for.

A marriage intensive experience is like a placemat that gives a plate too full room to settle gracefully, with utensils for digging into the hard stuff easily accessible. It’s a tall glass of water, constantly being refilled, ready to quench thirst and renew hope – even for relationships that seem hopeless.  For some couples who experience Intensives, that illusive hope is often one-sided, or it’s hidden under an extra helping of shame or regret. In many situations, however, hope is gradually revealed during an Intensive, sometimes in the middle of a counseling session or in the whisper of a prayer under the cool shade of a yet-to-bloom magnolia. But, still, it’s there.

If you know of a couple who is struggling or facing challenges that could impede God’s plan for their future, please refer them to WinShape Marriage. We partner with trusted ministries that each have unique approaches to repairing and restoring marriages through Intensives hosted at The Normandy Inn at WinShape Retreat. Here, we encourage couples to bring their plates that are too full or seem broken and let us serve and minister to their needs, so they can focus on God’s peace, healing and restoration for their marriage.

It’s a covenant between husband and wife, and God. And, it’s worth fighting for.

Repairing and Restoring Marriages