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father and daughter are playing together enjoying a sweet moment; wife is seeking out father's day gift ideas for her husband

10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Husband

May 17, 2024

The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide—What He Really Wants 

Finding the perfect Father’s Day gift for your husband can feel like an impossible task. After all, there are only so many “World’s Greatest Dad” mugs your cupboards can hold. Here are a few fresh Father’s Day gift ideas to get you started. 

1. The Father’s Day Love You Deck 

Grab a deck of cards and a permanent marker and consider 52 reasons why you love your husband and the father of your children. Write one thing you love and appreciate about him on each card. It can be anything from being thankful for his help with the kids’ homework to being grateful God made him your husband. Get the kids involved, too. A few notes in their own handwriting are precious. Once he receives the gift, your family will have a resident new deck of cards for game night! 

2. The Handyman’s Helper 

Choose a day to help your husband with chores or projects he’s been putting off like organizing the garage or installing a TV wall mount. What is something you know he wants done but will take at least two people and all day to complete. If your children are old enough, encourage them to help. If not, set up a babysitter for the day so you can jump into the project with both feet. Plan for lunch and dinner takeout from his favorite local spots.  

 3. The Perfect Father’s Day 

This one’s gleaned from the darling children’s book, “A Perfect Father’s Day,” by Eve Bunting. Have your kids plan an afternoon with their dad doing something they’d love to do with him. If they’re older, it might be teaching him to play a video game, playing a round of golf, or going to an art studio painting night. Little ones might prefer going to the zoo or the park and eating ice cream for breakfast. It’s a great way to see Father’s Day through your children’s eyes.  

4. The Father’s Day Tee 

We’re breaking our “too many mugs” rule here, but it’s worth it. Have a conversation with your children and choose your favorite “dad-ism.” With everyone’s input, design your own T-shirt, coffee mug, or vinyl sticker. 

5. The Treasure Chest 

Send a text to your husband’s best friends and family members asking what quality they respect most about him. Compile the answers on slips of paper to put in a small keepsake chest or jar. Present it with a note of your own reminding him you’re not the only one who thinks he’s terrific.

father and daughter and son are enjoying a sweet moment; wife is seeking out father's day gift ideas for her husband

6. A Father’s Day Legacy Letter 

This one is a gift he’ll give himself—and his sons and daughters. A Legacy Letter is a handwritten note from your husband to each of your children expressing his love and care for them in a special way. Started by pastor Blake Brewer, the “Legacy Letter Challenge” encourages dads to tell their kids, “I love you unconditionally, I’m proud of you always, and I believe in you.” The heartfelt letter can be shared with your kids at any age and is sure to be a treasured keepsake. The best part? The action of writing the letter is a great reminder God doesn’t ask you to be a perfect parent, but he chose you to be the perfect parent for your family.  

7. Dad’s Favorite Movie Night 

Start a new Father’s Day tradition and ask your husband to pick a movie he loved as a kid or teenager to share for family movie night. Have everyone put away their phones, make popcorn, and have plenty of his favorite theater treats on hand. Side note: You all might have more fun watching him watch the movie than watching the movie itself.

8. A Father’s Day Makeover 

If your husband is wearing blue jeans that are older than your kids, consider a Father’s Day makeover. This idea is a great one to involve your adult children. Let them pick out a new pair of jeans and some cool, hip shirts to wear on his days off. Have old photos handy to do a before and after reveal with the family and to have evidence he’s really had those jeans since your kids were in second grade.  

9. Some New Material 

One good dad joke deserves another! Get him a book of new dad jokes, recommend a funny Netflix comedy special, or get tickets for a live show in your area. Remember, the Mayo Clinic confirms laughter reduces stress, soothes tension, positively affects your immune system, and even relieves pain!  

10. Not Your Usual Father’s Day Gift Set 

Pay attention to the things your husband loves and take them to the next level. If he lives for spicy food, try a hot sauce sampler. If he doesn’t want to miss a game, consider a specialty keychain or tickets to go in person. The key is choosing a special, personal gift by paying attention to what brings him joy—hobbies, work passions, your family, cooking, driving, you name it!  

In the end, any gift you choose is the right one. Celebrating him and reminding him you’re grateful every day for his presence as a husband and a dad is the best gift of all and creates a Father’s Day to remember. 

Bonus Idea: Gift Him a Weekend Away With You!

You'll definitely score points if you secure a sitter for a weekend and whisk him away to a WinShape Marriage Retreat!

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