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Married couple at a pumpkin patch enjoying a festive fall date together

25 Festive Fall Date Ideas for Couples

September 16, 2022
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Make the Most of the Upcoming Season With These Fall Date Ideas 

The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling, and there’s a crispness and coziness in the air…or there will be soon *hopefully* depending on where you live. Either way, it’s time to celebrate the turning of a new leaf (pun intended) with one of these 25 autumn date ideas. Grab your spouse, and get excited for the new season by participating in one, or many, of the following fall themed activities together.

1. Carve or Paint Pumpkins 

Break out a pumpkin carving kit or the paint tucked away in the back of your craft closet, and spend the afternoon channeling your inner creativity. Who will carve the best pumpkin or paint the best design? You could even designate a prize on the line for the winner! 

Young married couple enjoying a fall date painting and carving pumpkins together

2. Pick Apples 

Summer isn’t the only time you can pick fruit. Go apple picking this fall, and then, use the fruit to bake an apple dessert or even freshly garnish apple cider. Before you leave the farm, don’t forget to enjoy delicious apple cider donuts. 

3. Make Homemade Candy Apples 

You don’t have to go to a fall event to get a candy apple. See above for idea number two—you could use those apples. Either way, make candy apples at home with your own favorite toppings. Whose candy apple concoction will taste the best? 

4. Drive To See Fall Foliage  

Pick an afternoon to drive where there’s certain to be beautiful fall foliage. Drive slowly, winding through the roads and observing the bright yellows and oranges. Take it up a notch by pulling off and hiking one of the trails with your favorite person.

Young married couple enjoying a fall date hiking together among fall foliage

5. Visit a Pumpkin Patch 

Carve out an afternoon to visit a well-known pumpkin patch, or head to a local church parking lot fundraiser with pumpkins to choose from. Browse the aisles of pumpkins, and pick a few to take home.

6. Go Through a Corn Maze 

Make sure to check this item off your autumn date bucket list. You could leisurely wonder through the maze, or take it up a notch, and create a competition to see who will get out first! 

7. Go Horseback Riding 

It’s hard to imagine a more serene afternoon than going horseback riding with one another while the temps are cooler and the landscapes are gorgeous. 

Middle-aged married couple enjoying a fall date horseback riding and looking at beautiful autumn landscapes

8. Decorate for Fall 

If you haven’t pulled out your fall decorations, make it a date! Have your spouse join you, and turn it into an event by enjoying fall flavored drinks and snacks while you put out your décor. 

9. Create a Pumpkin Themed Full-Course Dinner 

This is the perfect idea for all you pumpkin lovers! Create a three or four course meal together featuring one main ingredient—pumpkin. Find a way to use it in your appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, and/or dessert. 

10. Go Camping 

Step out of the comfort of your home to cozy up at a campsite with each other or even some friends. Sit around a fire, chat, roast hotdogs, and make s’mores. 

Young married couples on a double date in the fall time camping and laughing together

11. Jump in a Pile of Leaves 

Turn a chore into an afternoon of fun. After raking the leaves that have piled up, jump on in! Take yourself back to your days as a kid and all the wonders that came with being little.  

12. Tailgate for a Football Game 

Don’t skip out on quite possibly one of the season’s most honored traditions. Enjoy the food and company…and maybe the football! 

13. Go to a Fall Fair or Festival

Find one of those pop-up fairs near you…you know the ones…and enjoy a day or night filled with funnel cakes, cotton candy, Ferris wheels, carnival games, and more. 

Older married couple laughing while riding a ride at a fall fair together on an autumn date

14. Have a Bonfire 

Whether you’re burning your pile of leaves, you have a fancy fire pit in your backyard, or you or your friends have a fireplace, find a way to cozy up in front of a crackling fire this fall.

15. Attend Homecoming Activities 

Find out when your high school or college is hosting their annual homecoming activities, and consider attending. It could be fun to reminisce and walk down memory lane with your spouse. 

 16. Bake a Fall Dessert 

Pumpkin, apple and cinnamon are favorite fall flavors for many. Find a way to incorporate them into a yummy dessert. Look up a recipe, buy the ingredients, and make it together. Then, enjoy! 

Young married couple making an apple pie together checking off a fall date off their bucket list

17. Run a Race 

If you’re the active type, enjoy the nice temps, and pick a race to run together. There’s typically lots of fall themed races this time of year.  

18. Go on a Hayride 

Cozy up next to your honey on an afternoon or evening hayride at a pumpkin patch, farm, or fall festival in your area. 

19. Go to a Coffee Shop 

We know, we know, you’ve got to get all the PSLs you can this season, so bring your spouse in on the fun. Try a new coffee shop in town, and instead of rushing in and out, sit down, and enjoy your cozy coffees.  

Young married couple on a coffee date during the fall time

20. Host a Pie Night 

Have other couples over for a fall pie night—buy-in: everyone must bring a pie to try. Just want to spend time alone with one another? No problem. Each of you bake a pie, and then curl up on the couch to enjoy a slice, or two, of both! 

21. Make Soup 

‘Tis the season for soup! You’ve got a couple of months to break out all your favorite soup recipes to enjoy. Whether you make your trusted go-tos or try some new ones, spend time cooking in the kitchen with your spouse. You could even keep a running list of soups, and rank them in order from your least to most favorites.  

22. Plan a Thermos Picnic 

Plan a fall picnic with your spouse but not just any ol’ picnic—bring along thermoses filled with your favorite soups and drinks (see above—date 21). Butternut squash soup, chili, hot chocolate, apple cider…all the warm fall comfort foods and drinks. 

Spouse pouring coffee into a thermos for him and his wife to enjoy during a fall picnic date

23. Attend or Host a Chili Cook-Off 

See if there are any chili cook-offs happening nearby you could attend. If not, host your own. Whether you and your spouse create your own chilis to taste (and you’ll have plenty of leftovers), or you invite some friends over, taste different recipes, and rank your favorites. 

24. Stargaze 

When it’s a clear fall night, the stars are impeccable. Grab some blankets, and head outside to enjoy a peaceful evening stargazing. 

25. Kayak 

For all of you who wish summer lasted just a bit longer, this date is for you. Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the water. Bundle up, and go kayaking at a slow, leisurely pace, so you don’t fall in! Get a glimpse of the beautiful autumn leaves from a different perspective. 

Older married couple kayaking among autumn leaves during a fall date

Newlywed, empty nester, or somewhere in between…surely there’s an autumn activity, or 25, you’ll enjoy doing with each other. Make the most of the seasonal fun this time of year, and see how many festive dates you can check off your bucket list. 

The Fun Doesn’t Have to End When Fall Is Over

If you’re having loads of fun with your spouse this fall, then plan for a quiet weekend away to rest and relax this winter. Cozy up by the fire at WinShape Retreat. Join us for an upcoming Marriage Retreat!

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