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A young married couples exchanges Easter gifts for adults; husband gives his wife flowers

30 Easter Gifts for Adults

February 21, 2024
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30 Gift Ideas for Creating Easter Baskets for Adults 

Gifting kids Easter baskets is a common tradition many partake in, but we were surprised to learn over 6,000 people around the world are searching monthly for “Easter gifts for adults.” It got us thinking that creating an “adult Easter basket” could be a fun idea. For the spouse whose love language is receiving gifts, this could be a sweet surprise they won’t be expecting. For the empty nesters whose adult children have flown the nest, this could be a great way to show them you still think of them often. For the person who loves the changing of seasons, consider choosing one of our 30 Easter gifts for adults to give to your spouse with the idea that it’ll be a fun treat to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring. Browse our list of 30 Easter gifts for adults featuring 10 ideas for her, 10 ideas for him, and 10 ideas for anyone. 

10 Easter Gifts for Her

A young married couples exchanges Easter gifts for adults; husband gives his wife a present

1. Decorative Towels 

Men—we know it makes no sense to you that a towel would simply be for decoration, but trust us on this one—your wife will love to decorate the kitchen or bathroom with an Easter themed towel. 

2. Easter Earrings 

A cute and colorful pair of earrings with a nod to Easter are a great accessory for the lady in your life! 

3. Bunny Slippers 

You can never go wrong with slippers, but for Easter, bunny slippers will take this idea up a notch. 

4. Blending Eggs Makeup Sponges 

Many women use makeup sponges, and these are extra fun because they come in an egg carton. The littlest things can make her smile. 

5. Flower Hair Clips 

If you notice your wife pulls her hair up with clips from time to time, get her these flower ones she’ll certainly love as spring is just around the corner. 

6. Bloom Adult Coloring Book 

Coloring doesn’t have to be just for kids! This adult coloring book featuring flowers is a great gift idea for women who enjoy being creative. 

7. Peter Rabbit Spatulas 

Like the decorative towels, if your wife loves cooking, she’ll be able to display these Easter themed spatulas in the kitchen during the spring. 

8. Vase 

If you’re going to get her flowers, don’t leave them in the vase they came in. Upgrade to a beautiful ceramic vase like this watercolor floral one. 

9. Bunny Ring Holder 

Do you ever notice your wife taking off her rings to wash dishes, shower, or go to bed? A ring holder is a simple, thoughtful gift, and this bunny one is perfect for spring. 

10. Flower Notebook Set 

Upgrade her notebooks to this colorful flower set she can use for journaling, taking notes at church, or even writing down grocery lists. 

10 Easter Gifts for Him 

A young married couples exchanges Easter gifts for adults; husband gives his wife a present

1. Bunny Tie 

Upgrade your hubby’s Easter wardrobe with this subtle, classy Easter tie he can wear to church. 

2. Custom Cornhole Bags 

If your husband loves playing cornhole during the spring and summer, gift him these custom cornhole bags. 

3. Tool Set 

You can never go wrong with upgrading his tool set, and this one even comes with a bag to store the tools. 

4. Easter Crew Socks 

Like the Easter tie, these crew socks are the perfect pair for him to wear during the spring. Even the best dressed man enjoys sporting fun socks. 

5. Work Gloves 

If your hubby enjoys working in the yard as the temperatures rise, get him a new pair of work gloves. 

6. University Themed BBQ Set 

‘Tis the season for grilling out! Gift your family’s resident grill master a new BBQ set featuring his favorite college team. 

7. Beard Bib 

If your husband has a beard and your pet peeve is cleaning the beard hair around your sink, check out this gift…maybe this is more of a gift for you than him (though you can let him think it’s for him!) 

8. Beard Oil and Balm 

This will be for him—he’ll love a new set of beard oil and balm that smells great. 

9. Personalized Valet Tray 

If your better half gets home and drops his keys, wallet, watch, change, etc. on the counter or on his nightstand, he won’t anymore once you get him a personalized valet tray. 

10. Personalized Golf Towel 

For your resident golfer, he’ll love showing off this personalized golf towel during his next round of golf with his buddies. 

10 Easter Gifts for Him or Her 

1. The Five Minute Journal

This journal is a unique way to start and end each day with gratitude and reflection. Bonus—it truly does take five minutes to fill in the daily prompts. 

2. Water Bottle 

While your spring cleaning and getting rid of old bottles whose matching lids are long gone, gift your spouse a new water bottle. Then, take it with you on a walk as you soak up the beautiful weather. 

3. Bible 

We can’t think of many more gifts perfect to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus than a new bible. Gift your spouse a different translation, a journaling bible, or a study bible. Or, if they have a beloved bible that needs rebinding, check out Legacy Bible. 

4. Devotional 

Similarly, use this opportunity to snag a new devotional for your spouse they’ve been interested in or one by their favorite author. 

5. Chocolate 

Would it be an Easter basket without a chocolate bunny? Don’t skip a classic Easter sweet treat. 

6. Book 

A hardcopy of a book on their reading wish list or a book to add to their Kindle is a great gift idea. 

7. Personalized Luggage Tag 

If you have some upcoming trips planned for spring and summer, get your spouse a personalized luggage tag, which will be a nice, new touch to their suitcase. 

8. Air Freshener With Photo on It 

Your car will smell good when you’re driving, and you’ll see a sweet picture of your family. This could serve as a great reminder to pray for your family, too. 

9. Pickleball Paddles 

For active couples, take advantage of the holiday and springtime weather to hop on the popular pickleball trend!  

10. Shower Steamers or Bath Bombs 

Relax in a bath with a bath bomb or take a hot shower with a shower steamer—they make scents for men and women. 

We hope one of these gift ideas will be the perfect way for you and your spouse to say goodbye to winter and welcome a new season. Easter is such a beautiful celebration and time to reflect on the greatest news in history—He is risen! As you celebrate this miracle and special holiday, we hope you also find new ways to celebrate your marriage and reconnect with your spouse. Happy Easter! 

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