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Are Marriage Retreats Worth It?

August 11, 2022
Marriage Retreats

Why Should We Attend a Marriage Retreat? 

So, you’re exploring Marriage Retreats (yay!). You’ve researched what they are and what to expect. If not—start there! But before you and your spouse commit your time and money, you might be wondering, “Are Marriage Retreats worth it?” Let’s see! 

At WinShape Marriage, Marriage Retreats are three-day weekend getaways where couples have space and time to focus on one another and reconnect. A three-day weekend getaway can mean lots of things though, so what does it mean at WinShape? 

When you sign up to attend one of our retreats, your payment includes the following. 

  1. For the entirety of the weekend, you’ll have comfortable accommodations featuring a private room with a king-size bed and a private bathroom with a shower and a dual sink vanity.  
  2. Our world-class dining team prepares creative, fresh, and delicious meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. During meals, you’ll unplug and be served.
  3. You can drink and eat your body weight in unlimited coffee, desserts, and snacks which are at your disposal both during sessions and at the Café at no additional cost—you do not need any extra money while on campus for the weekend. 
  4. During your free time, you can explore the beautiful Berry College campus surrounded by 27,000 acres of peaceful pastures, tree-lined trails, wildlife, and a serene lake. You’ll have no trouble connecting with each other in the great outdoors.
  5. You’ll have access to ample activities you can do with your spouse—walk or bike the trails, relax in hammocks, fish, play disc golf, pickle ball, basketball, yard games, cards, or board games, read, nap, and more. 

We believe escaping from your normal routine (and not having to cook, clean, do laundry, or do yard work is plenty worth it)! What more could you ask for? 

However, after experiencing a retreat, our deepest prayer is that you and your spouse will be strengthened in your relationship with the Lord, renewed in your intimacy, inspired to continue prioritizing your marriage, encouraged by others walking similar paths, and refreshed and rejuvenated. To us, these wins make a Marriage Retreat “worth it.”  

We know you have plenty of opportunities to book a weekend away in a new city. These trips are wonderful (and we hope you do them sometimes), but inevitably,  they still require lots of planning—where will you stay, what will you eat, and what will you do? 

Additionally, booking an all-inclusive resort for multiple days is amazing yet can become pricey quickly. 

At WinShape Retreat, you get the best of both worlds—an all-inclusive weekend away (without the prep work and resort price tag). 

A Marriage Retreat is a unique, romantic, all-inclusive weekend. Learn about your spouse on a deeper more vulnerable level, and enjoy fun recreational activities. Ultimately, soak up the serenity of the location and the peaceful and quiet time together. Yes, this adults-only vacation dedicated to helping you strengthen your marriage is worth it! 

Ready To Give It a Shot With Your Spouse?

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