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Older married couple riding bikes together in a park, one of our 80 date ideas for couples

90 Date Ideas for Couples

June 15, 2024
Marriage Enrichment

90 Out-Of-The-Box Date Ideas When You Don’t Know What To Do With Your Spouse 

Can we all admit that coming up with dates can be a challenge? Aside from the obvious—going to dinner, seeing a movie, or chatting over a cup of coffee—it can be hard to think up out-of-the-box date ideas to do with your spouse. We get it! That’s why we’ve done the thinking for you. Whenever you’re scratching your brain to figure out something fun and different to do with your spouse, look no further. Don’t opt for the same old date. We’ve got holiday specific ideas for Valentine’s Day and Christmas as well as a slew of ideas for each season—winter, spring, summer, and fall. Check out the 90 date ideas below! 

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Winter Date Ideas

Spring Date Ideas

Summer Date Ideas

Fall Date Ideas

Christmas Date Ideas

Alphabet Date Ideas

Unique Date Ideas

Active Date Ideas

10 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Even if you think Valentine’s Day is a fabricated holiday, don’t let that stop you from celebrating the love you have for your spouse. Whether you choose to celebrate on Valentine’s Day or some other time in February, use one of our creative Valentine’s Day date ideas.

younger married couple celebrating valentine's day with a date, one of our 80 date ideas for couples

1. Create a Swanky Soiree 

You don’t need to make reservations at the finest restaurant in town to enjoy an elegant dinner. Create your own soiree at the dining room table. Choose the menu, set the scene, dress in your best attire, and meet your love at the table set for two to enjoy a romantic dinner. As an added touch, use our free Valentine’s Day date night conversation starters. 

2. Dance and Eat Dessert 

Before you get your groove on, take time to make your favorite dessert together or bake something yummy with your kiddos. Keep it simple like break and bake cookies or try your hand at a homemade recipe. After you enjoy the tasty treats, grab your valentine by the hand, and share a dance (or two). Then, grab your little loves and dance it out. 

3. Have a Movie Marathon 

Create your own comfortable, at-home viewing party to watch your favorite films. Include the entire family for this date. Give your kids a mission: gather as many pillows and blankets as possible to build the perfect movie watching hideaway. Then, ditch the plain popcorn, and set up a popcorn bar for everyone to create a unique concoction. 

4. Create an Interactive Dinner 

Toss traditional for the night, and instead, plan an adventurous dinner the whole family can participate in. Here are some build-your-own ideas: nacho bar, pizza station, or baked potato bar. Take this idea to the next level by incorporating Valentine’s Day in the ingredients such as turning the sour cream pink with food coloring or having heart-shaped pepperonis for pizzas. Bon appétit! 

5. Eat Breakfast in Bed 

How often do you have the luxury of staying in bed and snuggling? Our guess is not often enough. Carve out time for a lazy morning with each other. Surprise your spouse with French toast and coffee or an omelet and orange juice in bed. The best part of this date idea is you don’t have to change out of your pajamas or leave the bedroom. 

6. Set up a Double Date 

Take some of the pressure off coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day date, and instead, ask one of your couple friends to double date with you for this festive holiday. Pick a new restaurant to try together or have them over for appetizers and games. 

7. Make a Scrapbook 

What better way to celebrate your love and reflect on memories of your relationship than by creating a scrapbook. Pick an afternoon to make a scrapbook that represents a period in your relationship—maybe you create a book for the first five years you were together and you pull out old photos and love notes, or you start by reflecting on just the past year and make a book dedicated to it. 

8. Book a Cabin Weekend 

Beat the winter blues and use Valentine’s Day as the perfect excuse for a romantic weekend getaway. Even if you can only carve out a night or two, book a cozy cabin to spend uninterrupted, quality time with your valentine resting and reconnecting. 

9. Go on a Walking Tour 

Bundle up and play tourist in your town by booking a walking tour. Most major cities have walking tours, and if you’ve never done one before, they’re a great way to learn more about the history behind the place you live. Afterwards, duck inside a coffee shop, to warm up! 

10. Have a Festive Fun Day 

Use Valentine’s Day as your excuse to forego your responsibilities and have fun. Pick your favorite activity you like to do together and do it! Challenge one another in a board game or put together a puzzle you’ve been eyeing that’s been collecting dust. A low-pressure day filled with your favorite way to spend time with each other may be the best Valentine’s Day present you can give. 

10 Winter Date Ideas 

Don’t let the frigid temps keep you from enjoying quality time with your spouse, friends, and family this winter. If you need a nudge to get moving, we’ve got plenty of ideas below. Explore amid the cold or stay cozy at home—we’ve got winter date ideas for both!

younger married couple going on a winter walk and drinking hot chocolate, one of our 80 date ideas for couples, winter date ideas

1. Go Ice-Skating 

Find your nearest ice-skating rink—indoor or outdoor—and give it a try! You may not be graceful, but that’s OK. Enjoy the afternoon skating…or falling and laughing…on the rink with your spouse and family. 

2. Go Skiing or Snowboarding 

If you live in the mountains, head to the slopes for a day of skiing or snowboarding. It’s never too late to learn something new, so take a lesson if you need. Whether you’re an adventurous skier or there for the views, don’t miss a chance to appreciate the winter landscape. 

3. Go on a Hot Cocoa Tasting Tour 

A steaming hot cup of cocoa…or three…should definitely warm you up. If you’re a hot chocolate connoisseur, go on an afternoon date to a couple of local coffee shops. Try each of their hot chocolate recipes to decide which is the best. 

4. Make Paper Snowflakes 

You’ve likely taken down your Christmas décor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a little pizazz to your home decorations during the winter. Have an arts and crafts day and create paper snowflakes to hang on your door or as garland from your mantle.  

5. Write “Open When” Letters 

Spend an afternoon writing “open when” letters. If you have big events coming up this year like a graduation or welcoming a baby, write a letter to “open when” the event takes place. Or write “open when” letters for times throughout the upcoming year that may not have major significance now but would be a nice surprise to read nonetheless, such as, “Open when it’s the first day of summer.” 

6. Plan an Indoor Pajama Picnic 

If the temps are still chilly where you’re at, plan an indoor pajama picnic. Get out the picnic blanket and basket and all the goods—food, drinks, desserts. Spread it out in front of the fireplace or on your living room floor, leave your pajamas on, and enjoy the coziest picnics of all picnics. 

7. Go on a Winter Walk 

It may not be your longest walk ever, but grab your scarves, hats, and gloves, and head out for a walk around the block. Warm up the walk by filling up your mugs with hot chocolate, apple cider, or coffee. When your drinks are gone, consider it time to head home!  

8. Make a Photo Album 

You have great intentions to print your photos for an album during the year, and then sports, school events, and outdoor activities take precedence. Not to worry…a cold winter day is the perfect excuse to stay in and do something you “never have time for,” like making a photo album of your favorite memories from the previous year. 

9. Look at Old Photo Albums 

See idea number eight above. After you’ve created a photo album dedicated to last year, dust off old photo albums and spend some time reminiscing about your children when they were little or even you and your spouse during your childhoods. 

10. Play in the Snow 

Become a kid again with your kids! Snowball fight. Check! Make snow angels. Check! Build a snowman. Check! Go sledding. Check! Bundle up and find ways to enjoy the cold and snow together. 

10 Spring Date Ideas 

While you’re busy spring cleaning, consider cleaning out your list of go-to date ideas and add some new ones to your collection. To get you started, we have 10 spring date ideas below. Get outside to enjoy the blooming flowers and chirping birds with your love.

younger married couple shopping at a farmer's market, one of our 80 date ideas for couples, spring date ideas

1. Plan a Picnic in the Park 

Arrange the perfect day at the park by packing a picnic basket with all your favorite foods, drinks, and desserts. Set the scene with a blanket and remember to bring kites or frisbees for a fun afternoon activity. 

2. Enjoy a Cozy Night Campout 

Keep an eye on the weather and when you spy clear skies, set up a backyard campout. Pitch a tent and fill it with cozy blankets and pillows. Roast hotdogs over a campfire for dinner and s’mores for dessert. Then, snuggle up and enjoy quiet, uninterrupted time with one another. 

3. Stroll Through Botanical Gardens or the Arboretum  

Outdoor spaces like botanical gardens or an arboretum feature the most beautiful plants and flowers year-round, but springtime feels like the optimal moment to take a slow stroll through the gardens with your love. 

4. Participate in a Progressive Dinner 

Switch up your typical dinner date night and do a progressive dinner. Plan to spend a little more time out since you’ll be enjoying each part of your meal somewhere new. Pick one restaurant to order appetizers, another to eat your entrées, and still another to get dessert. Tip—where you can, ask to sit on the patio, so you can enjoy the perks of springtime—warm weather and birds chirping.  

5. Spend a Morning at the Farmer’s Market 

Enjoy a relaxing morning at your local farmer’s market. Pick up fresh flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Hanging out with no agenda is a great way to rejuvenate your spirit and relationship. That evening, use some of the food you bought to cook a nice dinner together. 

6. Arrange a Flower Bouquet 

Whether you use the flowers from your farmer’s market date or pick up some at a store nearby, spend the morning arranging flower bouquets with your spouse. You probably aren’t florists, and that’s OK! Enjoy time getting crafty, doing something you typically wouldn’t do, and then admiring your new centerpieces or nightstand decor. Tip: If you want a little additional help, check out YouTube videos on flower arranging. 

7. Make a Recipe That Calls for Fresh Strawberries 

Load up on fresh strawberries from the store, farmer’s market, or even a farm near you. Then make a recipe, or two, using your delicious fruit. Here are a few ideas—strawberry shortcake, homemade strawberry ice cream, or chocolate covered strawberries for dessert. 

8. Host a Pi Day Party 

March 14, aka Pi Day, is a great excuse to try a bunch of different pies. Invite some friends over for a Pi Day party. Entry to the party is bringing a pie of your choice. Enjoy the fellowship and sweet treats! 

9. Listen To Live Music 

Now that the weather is warming up but isn’t scorching yet, find out where you can listen to live music. Maybe your favorite restaurant will have a singer set up on the patio or there’s a concert taking place nearby. Either way, get outside to enjoy the weather and good music! 

10. Celebrate Easter the Old-fashioned Way 

Plan an adult Easter egg hunt with your spouse by filling plastic eggs with each other’s favorite candy or paper certificates with fun things to do together and hiding them in your yard—someone takes the front yard and the other takes the backyard. Race to find all your eggs and make sure there’s a prize on the table for the winner! 

10 Summer Date Ideas 

Sun’s out; fun’s out! It’s time to embrace the sunshine and warm weather with your family and friends. Get started checking off our list of fun summer date ideas you and your spouse or your entire family are sure to enjoy.

older married couple having a pool day, one of our 80 date ideas for couples, summer date ideas

1. Go Fishing 

Break out the poles and bait for an afternoon of fishing at a nearby pond or lake. Don’t like to fish? Sit back, relax, and enjoy time together by the water. Take it back to the good old days, and skip a rock or two. 

2. Plan a Pool Day 

You and your spouse? Grab your favorite books and portable speaker. Kids tagging along? Pack the pool toys and PB and Js. Either way, head to the pool for a day at the water. 

3. Have a Board Game Marathon 

Get a break from the heat, dust off your old board games, and partake in family-friendly competition by hosting a board game marathon. Who will come out on top? 

4. Go Bowling 

You may strike out while bowling, but you won’t strike out with a bowling date. A game for all ages—this date will be a win in the books for sure. 

5. Check Out a Museum 

Spend a leisurely afternoon together at a museum. They say, “You learn something new every day.” It’ll be hard not to during this date. 

6. Go to a Baseball Game 

Take your love or your family out to a ball game. It doesn’t have to be the big leagues—check out the schedule for the minor leagues or a college team near you. 

7. Host a Backyard BBQ 

Whether it’s the two of you, your couple friends, or other families in your neighborhood, spend a summer evening grilling out and playing backyard games. 

8. Create a Backyard Oasis 

Bring the beach to your yard. Whether for the kids or the two of you, blow up a mini pool, and fill it with cold water. Take it to the next level by adding sand to your setup. Then, hang out, and sunbathe in your own backyard. 

9. Go to an Amusement Park 

Seeking a thrill? The perfect idea for a summer staycation is to spend a day at an amusement park. Get ready to laugh, maybe cry, and scream during this exhilarating date. 

10. Play Mini Golf 

Remember how fun Putt-Putt was as a kid? Try your hand at scoring a hole in one during this date. Maybe, you can sweet talk your spouse into letting you use a mulligan if need be. 

10 Fall Date Ideas 

Is it just us or does fall feel like the quintessential time to go on a bunch of cozy dates with your spouse? We’ve got several festive fall date ideas for you to consider doing this autumn season. From typical ideas—carve pumpkins—to ideas a bit more unique—creating a pumpkin-themed full course dinner, check them out!

older married couple picking apples, one of our 80 date ideas for couples, fall date ideas

1. Carve or Paint Pumpkins  

Break out a pumpkin carving kit or the paint tucked away in the back of your craft closet, and spend the afternoon channeling your inner creativity. Who will carve the best pumpkin or paint the best design? You could even designate a prize on the line for the winner!  

2. Pick Apples  

Summer isn’t the only time you can pick fruit. Go apple picking this fall, and then, use the fruit to bake an apple dessert or even freshly garnish apple cider. Before you leave the farm, don’t forget to enjoy delicious apple cider donuts.  

3. Make Homemade Candy Apples  

You don’t have to go to a fall event to get a candy apple. See above for idea number two—you could use those apples. Either way, make candy apples at home with your own favorite toppings. Whose candy apple concoction will taste the best?  

4. Drive To See Fall Foliage   

Pick an afternoon to drive where there’s certain to be beautiful fall foliage. Drive slowly, winding through the roads and observing the bright yellows and oranges. Take it up a notch by pulling off and hiking one of the trails with your favorite person. 

5. Visit a Pumpkin Patch  

Carve out an afternoon to visit a well-known pumpkin patch, or head to a local church parking lot fundraiser with pumpkins to choose from. Browse the aisles of pumpkins, and pick a few to take home. 

6. Go Through a Corn Maze  

Make sure to check this item off your autumn date bucket list. You could leisurely wonder through the maze, or take it up a notch, and create a competition to see who will get out first!  

7. Go Horseback Riding  

It’s hard to imagine a more serene afternoon than going horseback riding with one another while the temps are cooler and the landscapes are gorgeous.  

8. Decorate for Fall  

If you haven’t pulled out your fall decorations, make it a date! Have your spouse join you, and turn it into an event by enjoying fall flavored drinks and snacks while you put out your décor.  

9. Create a Pumpkin Themed Full-Course Dinner  

This is the perfect idea for all you pumpkin lovers! Create a three or four course meal together featuring one main ingredient—pumpkin. Find a way to use it in your appetizer, soup, salad, entrée, and/or dessert. 

 10. Go Camping  

Step out of the comfort of your home to cozy up at a campsite with each other or even some friends. Sit around a fire, chat, roast hotdogs, and make s’mores. 

10 Christmas Date Ideas 

It’s the jolliest time of year! There’s so much Christmas fun to be had with your spouse, friends, and family, so utilize our Christmas date ideas to get started. You won’t be lacking on what you can do to celebrate the holiday this year.

younger married couple decorating their christmas tree, one of our 80 date ideas for couples, christmas date ideas

1. Decorate for Christmas  

Decking the halls should certainly count as a date! It’s likely some of you have already decorated. If you’re holding out a bit longer, make the experience as fun as possible. Put on your Santa hats, nibble on snacks, and blast Christmas music while you’re fluffing trees and hanging lights.  

2. Go to a Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony  

Don’t miss this annual event—search for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony near you to attend with your spouse or the whole family. It’s a great way to kick off the holiday season!  

3. Attend a Holiday Concert  

Do you see why we dropped these Christmas date ideas now? Don’t delay searching for holiday concerts in your area. If you’re a Christmas music lover, head to town for a musical evening where you’ll hear classic carols.  

4. Visit a Christmas Tree Farm  

Some people go to cut down a tree; others go for the experience! Either way, head to a Christmas tree farm near you—many will also have snacks, hot cocoa, fire pits, shopping, and maybe a visit from Santa.  

5. Do an Advent Study  

Spend the days leading up to Christmas studying scripture with your spouse or your entire family. Anticipate celebrating the birth of Jesus by reflecting on this sacred time together.  

6. Attend a Christmas Show or Play  

Check out holiday calendars around town to see if any local theaters or even schools are putting on Christmas plays or shows.   

7. Go Holiday or Window Shopping  

Whether you have a long list to work through or not, head out with your honey to Christmas shop or window shop. Grab a latte or hot cocoa, and stroll hand in hand amid the hustle and bustle of the season.  

8. Host or Go to an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party  

Pull out your tacky holiday sweaters for a fun evening with your spouse. Wear them to a party, or wear them to dinner—who cares?! It’s Christmas—anything goes!  

9. Explore a Christmas Market  

Opt to purchase unique gifts for your friends and family this year. Rather than going to the mall, see if there’s a Christmas market nearby where you and your sweetie can spend the morning or afternoon browsing.  

10. Wrap Christmas Presents  

We didn’t say you should forego all gift giving this year. Pull out wrapping paper, tape, scissors, bows, and name tags, and spend an afternoon or evening wrapping presents you’ll give to each other or family members this season. Don’t aim for perfection; aim for turning this tedious task into a family fun night!  

10 Alphabet Date Ideas 

Alphabet Dating is a simple way to up your dating game! Pull up the notes section on your phone or grab some pens and paper and type or write out the alphabet, A to Z. Together with your spouse, fill in the letters with date ideas. Start with one to five per letter. We’ll help you get started by listing ABC dates for A through J below.

younger married couple riding in a helicopter, one of our 80 date ideas for couples, alphabet date ideas

1. A: Visit the Aquarium 

Head out to the aquarium for an afternoon to observe various fish and sea creatures. Did you know the French Angelfish mate for life? 

2. B: Go to the Batting Cages 

Even if you’ve never swung a baseball bat in your life, try something completely different with your spouse—go to the batting cages for an athletic afternoon. You may strike out batting, but you won’t strike out spending time together! 

3. C: See a Comedy Show 

Research shows that couples who laugh together usually have higher relationship satisfaction, so book tickets for a comedy show with your spouse for some belly laughs. 

4. D: Go to the Driving Range 

Spending 18 holes on a golf course is certainly a commitment, especially if you’ve never golfed before; however, heading to the driving range for an afternoon is much more low-key. Whether you’re avid golfers and you want to get in some practice swings together, or you’ve never picked up a club, go the driving range to try your hand at hitting a few golf balls—just don’t take yourself too seriously. Grab a bite to eat afterwards and laugh about your performance. 

5. E: Have an Egg Toss 

An egg toss is a great Easter date idea, but it’s also a fun idea to reminisce on the good old days aka elementary school field day…chances are low you and your spouse attended elementary school together, so spend an afternoon reminiscing on a childhood pastime—having an egg toss. 

6. F: Go On a Food Tour 

Certain food halls or markets will host food tours for people to try several different types of food offered in one location. See if there are any near you. It’ll eliminate having to figure out where to eat, which is always a plus! 

7. G: Eat Gyros 

A delicious Greek dish, gyros are sliced meet wrapped in pita bread with ingredients like tomatoes, onions, and tzatziki sauce. For this date, search for an authentic Greek restaurant near you to get gyros or try your hand at making some yourself!  

8. H: Go On a Helicopter Ride 

Certainly an extravagant date, this idea checks the box, “We’ve always wanted to…” Maybe you save this for an anniversary experience you’ll never forget. 

9. I: Go Indoor Swimming 

Have a staycation at a nice hotel and pack your swimsuits for a swim in the hotel’s indoor heated swimming pool. 

10. J: Listen to Jazz Music 

Search for where you can listen to jazz music near you for a romantic evening with your spouse. Maybe, you’ll share a dance or two together. 

10 Unique Date Ideas 

We’ve got one of a kind date ideas below! They’re not specific to a season or holiday; they’re unique and can be done year-round, so when you’re stumped for figuring out what to do with your spouse that’s also fun and different, check out one of our unique date ideas. 

younger married couple camping, one of their bucket list dates, one of our 80 date ideas for couples, unique date ideas

1. Enjoy Fondue  

Fondue is certainly a unique idea for an at-home dinner or dessert date. Look up an online recipe for fondue, pick up your favorite cheese and chocolate, and gather a variety of creative foods to dip. A few ideas—apples, bread, cauliflower, and carrots are great for dipping in cheese and strawberries, marshmallows, bananas, and pecans are perfect for chocolate.  

2. Create a Bucket List  

Sure, you have a running list in your head of all the “things” you and your spouse want to do! But, have you sat down and written it out? Create a bucket list together, and make it more permanent by writing it down and pinning it up in your bedroom, office, or on the fridge. Then, get started checking things off. Whether you start with smaller, more achievable goals for this season of marriage like running a race, or you put your wildest dreams on your bucket list such as tent camping in a new state, make it your own.  

3. Recreate Your First Date  

It’s one thing to reminisce on a fond memory—it’s another to recreate it. Think back to your first date, and recreate it to the best of your ability. Do you remember what you were wearing, and can you wear something similar? Go back to the restaurant you ate at, or eat a similar meal. Did you meet up, or did one of you pick the other up? How close can you get to mimicking the details of that special afternoon or evening?  

4. Share a Bubble Bath  

Take the romance up a notch, by drawing up a hot bubble bath for your spouse. Then, get in together, and sit back and relax. You don’t have to necessarily spend time talking—maybe, you never sit still, so use this time to rest together while you play relaxing music in the background.   

5. Cuddle  

Before you skip over this date because you cuddle all the time, hear us out. Be intentional about this time of cuddling. Create a “Cuddle Kit” for you and your spouse. Fill it with cozy slippers, a warm blanket, soft pajamas, hot tea or cocoa, face masks, etc. Then, settle in for a night of using all the cuddliest things to have a cuddle date with your spouse.  

6. Set up a Waffle or Pancake Bar  

Get ready to indulge in a sweet meal with your sweetie. Whip up a batch of waffles or pancakes. Then, set up a toppings bar with all the good stuff—chocolate chips, strawberries, blueberries, pecans, bananas, peanut butter, powdered sugar, syrup, and jam. Try different combinations, and see whose waffle or pancake tastes the best.  

7. Light Candles  

Sometimes, a change in scenery or ambience will do the trick. This date is all about the setting. Whether you set up in your living room or bedroom, turn off the lights. Set up a mixture of candles—real and fake, scented and unscented, small and tall—and flowers. We bet you typically don’t hang out by candlelight. Try it…you might like it.  

8. Give Each Other Massages  

See above for number seven which could easily set the stage for this at home spa day. Dim the lights, play instrumental music, and take turns giving each other massages. Set the scene for your spouse to make this date special—this isn’t a quick five-minute shoulder rub while you’re watching television—spend a longer period connecting with your spouse via physical touch.  

9. Cook a Themed Dinner  

Have a dinner date in, and create a delicious meal based on a theme. What’s your favorite vacation you’ve been on? Paris—create Parisian themed courses. Or, what’s your favorite music to listen to? What meal would you serve as a nod to a specific genre, song, or artist?  

10. Have a “Color” Date  

For this date, choose a color. Then, wear that color, eat foods that are that color, and do things that involve that color. For example, if you choose red, dress in red colored clothing. Then, find a farm where you can pick strawberries. After, enjoy strawberry ice cream or gelato. For dinner, head to your favorite Italian restaurant for spaghetti and meatballs with red marinara sauce. 

10 Active Date Ideas 

For the sporty, adventurous, thrill-seeking couples, we’ve got a list of active date ideas below. Don’t stay stuck inside—get outdoors and enjoy an adventure with your spouse that’ll be equally as memorable as it is exhilarating. 

young married couple jet skiing a fun date idea

1. Take a Dance Class 

Salsa, ballroom, break dancing…sign you and your spouse up for an afternoon dance class, or if you’re feeling committed, take a few lessons over the course of a couple of weeks. At the next wedding you attend, the dance floor will be calling your name! 

2. Go Paddleboarding 

Paddleboarding requires a bit more balance and technique than canoeing. If you all have canoeing down, test your skills and coordination on the water on a paddleboard. 

3. Play Disc Golf 

Ask a few of your couple friends to play disc golf one afternoon. It’s active enough to keep you moving and off the couch but slow enough where you can still enjoy conversation as you walk from hole to hole. 

4. Play Archery 

If you’ve never participated in archery, it requires a different skillset. Give it a shot and take a lesson at a local archery range. 

5. Play Laser Tag 

Tag…you’re it, to plan this date night! Remember how fun playing tag was as a kid? Running around your backyard playing tag might not have the same ring to it as it did when you were younger, but go enjoy a night of laser tag. 

6. Go to a Trampoline Park 

Spoiler—trampoline parks aren’t only for kids! On a rainy day or super hot day, head indoors to a trampoline park. Be careful flipping—you may feel like a kid still, but your body might say otherwise! 

7. Go Axe Throwing 

It’s like darts…but with axes! Axe throwing is a new, trendy date idea that’s popping up. Find a place nearby where you and your spouse can try your hand at axe throwing—just not at each other! 

8. Ride Jet Skis 

Many lakes will rent Jet Skis for locals to take out for the day; you don’t have to own one. If you’ve never ridden a Jet Ski, give it a go on the water this summer! 

9. Play Paintball 

Another active date idea that’s perfect for a group of friends. Skip out on your usual dinner date with friends, and instead challenge each other to a game of paintball. 

10. Play Pickeball 

If you aren’t playing pickleball yet, what are you doing?! It’s time to order a set off Amazon and trade in tennis for an afternoon playing the newest rage—pickleball. 

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